Life loaded against you.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Having read the case below I have reached the following conclusions

    This is clearly a frame up. If the rating had been a white Anglo Saxon, the defence that the drugs were purely for her own medicinal needs would most certainly have been accepted.
    This poor woman trekked overland thousands of miles to reach this country, and all because she loved the British so much. The degradation,depredation, and self sacrifice she must have suffered is indescribable, and all so as to be able to serve this country.
    The drugs were clearly just for social use, and the very idea that any kind of profit was the motivation is ridiculous.
    She most likely had a big family occasion coming up, and as cocaine is universally know to be "The" recreational drug she would have required a sizable amount.
    It was also laughed out of court that when leaving the Navy, she intended to start a dental practise. What may I ask is so funny about that, we all know that buying in bulk is the profitable way to do business.
    Why is it so hard to accept that us black people can also make plans and aspire to a career. There are some well known examples of this happening in history, Idi Amin for instance, and Malcolm X.
    The general election so recently fought, sent out a message to the British people that advocated the resurgence of small industry. This young woman is a credit to her country in as much as she sought to bring wealth into this country. Happiness was also of a pressing concern to her and who is happier than a a person who has partaken of a medicinal amount of cocaine.
    Therefore I propose a movement be started to petition the courts for her immediate release. That she be created a peer until such time as she may be elevated to Sainthood.
    Saint Theresa. 8O :roll: :D :D :wink:
  2. RR.

    Thank you for your humanitarian stance on this sad case. In light of your comments, I have been reviewing my previous post:

    Another unpalatable example of Britain's current policy of 'controlled' immigration.

    No doubt, as an asylum seeker facing persecution in Angola, she was taken in by the UK. To get to the UK, she had to pass through many countries of the EU where she could have claimed asylum under the terms of the 1951 Geneva Convention, but instead, like most others, chose the UK, to take advantage of our extremely generous housing and benefit system.

    Her idea of thanks for this largesse is to attempt to smuggle in a killer drug.

    and have now realised that it was a knee-jerk reaction when I was not in possession of the full facts as you are.

    Her actions in joining the premier branch of Britain's armed forces are commendable and speak volumes for her grit and will to succeed.

    I find the actions of the 'mister big' who forced her to act as a 'mule' are contemptible. I can only hope that her family and pets who were held hostage, until the drugs were safely delivered, have been released unharmed.

    I have started a petition in my small local village here in Northern Spain. My actions are treated with amusement, but I am undetered and will persevere until I have enough signatures to present a petition to No10 for her immediate release and full re-instatement into the RN.
  3. I am fighting back the tears induced by your spontaneous act of humanitarianism. :cry: :cry:
    I would pray for you in my local church, were it not for the two year ban forbidding me to enter as specified in the conditions of my ASBO :oops:
  4. My advice to you my child is to have a word with the local RC priest. Hang around the local gay sauna as soon as mass finishes and I am sure you two can work out an 'arrangement'.
  5. I took your advice WM and asked for a blessing.
    I seem to think it was more worked "in" than out, and I never realised until now that blessing were 8" long, and looked a bit like a cock. 8O :oops:
  6. I am sure that you took it like a champ.
  7. T'rumas Sorass 8O :oops:

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