Life insurance (death in service)


Hello all

Looking for a bit of clarity/advice/point in the right direction if anyone can help.

Bit of background knowledge - I'm in the process of buying a house with my girlfriend and our mortgage advisor has started checking out insurance companies. We are both in early 20s, and both will be in the RN come September 19. (I joined December 17)

I remember being told at Raleigh that if I was to die in service, a lump sum would be given to the person I designated, equivalent to 2 or 3 times my salary at the time. I'm also committed to the RNRM charity which I believe help on death in service too.

Since the house is worth <100k, I thought I should mention to my mortgage advisor that I might not need external life insurance (buildings and contents separate). I was advised to check all details of the Death in Service including correct figures and whether or not they cover critical illness.

I spoke to my DO to see if he could point me in the right direction but no luck. The UPO told me to speak to my DO and Forces Mutual put the breakers on advice when I told them I already had a mortgage in place. You can probably tell the idea of life insurance is relatively new to me so any information/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Personal view here.
If you are both serving and therefore earning and you can afford it - go for it.
My view is that even with death in service benefits, the mortgage is taken care of separately and so any monies due from death in service will help the widow(er) to move on. Also death in service may not fully cover the mortgage thus giving the widow(er) extra stress.
You don't want to use insurance but its there just in case.
My civvy death in service benefit is very good - so much that I havnt told the wife about it! Temptation may be too much!!


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My wife knows I am worth more dead than alive, but where would she get another slave?
Aren't we all!!!!

As for the OP's comments. Don't just listen to one financial advisors comments get other advice. Independent/bank etc. However I would say take out insurance, both buildings and contents. Death in service is fine but that will be needed to help readjust. What happens if you are just 'injured' in service but unable to continue working. Look at the big picture and not the one your financial adviser painted for you!!
I used to be one and we were trained to use psychology to increase our commission!!!!! (Like painting a worst case scenario based on what you tell them!!!!)
In a nut shell - get more/another professional financial advice!


If you decide to leave the service before your mortgage is paid off then any future life insurance will be more expensive. Buy young and save on premiums.


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Hello, today I want to tell you how we were advise to buy a life insurance for our father. Background story: he serves in the army and was selected to go in central africa where there are armed conflicts and riots every day. At first we were against letting him go, protesting to the army representatives, but had to concede in the end. The reson for accepting it was that, we were told that a life insurance made on the name of my father would compensate our family, based on my father salary and war awards. I hope my father mission goes well and that we made the right choice.
Insurance requirements are different in the US to here in the UK.