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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by bartman11, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Hey all.....

    I passed my RT on monday and was offered a job as a Warfare Specialist Submarines, quite shocked as I thought I was too tall at 6ft 3..... I have done some research into this and I do admit at first I was like no way.... But I do like the look of the Job..

    Can I get some honest advice as to what life is like in the Subs?
  2. Ask away but be prepared for the odd cynical answer.
    I am 6.ft 3 and was on diesel boats.
  3. I kinda see that on the newbies bit.....

    How much does life change once in a Sub?

    I guess it's a great feeling if one passes and get the Silver Dolphins
  4. This is a wind up right? :roll:
  5. I wouldnt waste anyones time with wind ups, Im asking an honest question. Before I sat mt RT subs were the last thing I would have guessed would have been offered.

    I dont want to accept a position that I later regret accepting. Have you ever made a mistake by accepting something you regret later?

    If I accept the position I want to know it's for me.
  6. In that case, it may be worth your while doing a bit of research about the insignia.
  7. Bartman,

    You found the Submariners site to make your post. Good, but not so good......

    Can you give us one good reason why you did not read through the many threads there before leaping in and shooting yourself right in the foot with "Subs" and "Silver Insignia"?

    Spoon feeding cancelled for you from now on, wings :roll: :wink:
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  8. Honest answer was Lazyness & impulsive.... I should have took the time to read the threads and for that I apologise for a waste of people's time.

    I will research more.
  9. Considering that most living things that end up in a sub are in the form of processed meats then I'd say life would change quite dramatically for you.

    Just because you may have the IQ of a sandwich doesn't necessarily mean you should become one.
  10. What?
  11. I looked at the videos on the Navy site and I thought Submarines were small inside and with my height I felt I would have been out of place, but I have spoke to ohters and my height isnt an issue.
  12. BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Polto, Guzzler.

    I want to apologise again.... to say silver dolphins was totaly incorrect, thats the us navy.

    I should have researched properly, once qualified as a Submariner you will then get your 'Dolphins' the coveted badge.

  13. Which are solid gold, honest. the Queen gave them to me (and it's "boats" FFS)
  14. Accepted :wink: No worries, as long as you remember that Part Threes are expected to do their own homework in 'the Trade'.
  15. I like this...alot!! :lol: :lol:
  16. Bloody hell, your tape measure must have shrunk then! I reckon you were about 4ft 8 when I last saw you F***!! :D

    Or maybe you've been drinking too much cheap French plonk!!
  17. Maybe you should choose - or go for - the job you want to do rather than accepting Boats because that's whats on offer.

    Also - to coin a phrase - size doesn't matter......

    There is generally more headroom in modern boats and you soon learn to duck in the right places and sleep with your knees bent.
    My memories are dirty, smelly, cramp, hard work, a few good jollies, a lot of time absorbed. At the time it's all crap but when you look back it was the best years I can remember.

    Of course, not everyone likes it or can stand it, but maybe you should go and have a look.

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