Life In The Royal Navy As An Officer - Video

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Didn't know that Catweazle was a Two Ringer:crying: what a Scranbag SIR
  2. It's alright, at least 2 of them are now Lt Cdrs!
  3. Must be all down to Elecktrickery!!! No doubt!! :wink:
  4. What's genuinely scary is how many of them in that vid I know - one of them even from school, let alone the fleet. Have we really recruited no one since I went outside in 2006???
  5. I think that video was made at least 18 months ago, and they were all mid-seniority Lts at the time of filming.
  6. "And the next minute go and fight fires..." I can't imagine that IC SOTI is going to be too happy seeing the wardroom fire party coming in as the re-entry team!
  7. As long as they've got a pusser's right angle so they can give the scene a good torching, all will be well ;)
  8. Damn right, can't do the Ship's Investigation then!
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  9. It is those bloody scrawny sets again isn't it?

    I remember some 2.5 wandering round Raleigh about six years ago with one of those sort of pencil thin bottom-of-jaw rubbish things that joined a Ricky Gervaisesque bit around the mouth.

    I do believe the modern terminology is WTF?
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