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Discussion in 'RFA' started by jungalee, Apr 30, 2016.

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  1. I am retired from Army after doing 2o Years. I want to join RFA. I would like to know what is life like in the RFA and what is the best trade to join as other Ranks.
  2. First off the recruitment is slow, can take 6 month to over a year from interview to start training. Second thing to note if you're going in as a unqualified rating there's been a pay cut to 14g-15g since they've re-branded new trainees as apprentices,there's no guarantee of a job at the end of the 2 year apprenticeship plus paid leave been cut to 7 days per 28 days. I don't mind the pay cut it's one of the best apprenticeships I have seen pay wise, I was on one working 2.78 a hour in a pub kitchen, a lot of employers use apprentices has cheap labour and give the responsibility of training to colleges. If you got a family who relay on your income something to think about.

    What were you in the army ? infantry, cook, engineer , medic etc I assume you like to do something similar to what you did in the army. If you haven't already look around the careers page.
  3. As it goes, I'm currently speaking to someone who is in the RFA. Similarly to you, she is also fresh form the Army (We all knew the Navy was Better you just won't admit it:)) and she says it is somewhat better than the Navy.

    Supposodly the conditions are better in the RFA, the jobs you will be required to do, are much less stressed. Overall it's apparently much better than the RN its self. (Although I think this was just banter lol)

    The working requirement will probably be lesser, baring in mind that the retirment age stands aline with the actual rest of the UK which will depend on your birth age. IT stands at roughly 67 for me.

    I would personally look at the Royal Navy Careers page, and click on the RFA links and to see your exact requirements/standards etc.
  4. I love how you ask a question and the first two replies are people with no experience with the question topic, and they both don't really answer your question anyway.

    My impression from the large handful of long serving forces turned RFA (of all ages) can be summed up with a general "Not what I was expecting, but I'm enjoying it".
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  5. I am so sorry that we do not have the superior knowledge you possess, We shall bow down to you since we are nothing compare to your greatness.
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  6. I've been here for not even 24 hours and all I can tell so far is everyone flaunts their knowledge in a superior manner. Even when you are simply giving an opinion, you simply just shouldn't - well that's what some of these guys think. It surprised me at 1st because I did look around the forum before joining, seemed nice, relaxed, and easy going. Oh how wrong was I. But I aint giving up on this forum... if I feel as if I can answer a question I will. If I can't answer a question but feel I can give some advice that may or may no work, I will. If I simply just don't know, I won't do anything.

    If you feel you can answer a question, go for it. :)
  7. Best idea not to complain, most people on here run on the logic of ask a stupid question get a stupid answer or like me the fuel of sarcasm.
  8. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    get use to that if you are joining the RFA.
  9. Bleeh has been in the RFA 10 minutes and appears to know everything about the RFA.

    Take anything he says with a pinch of salt or just don't listen to him at all. He tries to fit in with the rest but fails miserably.
  10. Bleeh you comes off as a bitter jack ass, I hope if I ever meet you in real life it's just a online persona of yours.

  11. Ladies, put your handbags down.

    If you want to work for the MOD you've got to get used to the "Answer the question you are asked" mentality.
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  12. You have done a handful of trips and are acting like you have met every person in the RFA and that you can speak for every single one of them.
  13. Jesus wept. As far as I'm aware online forums run on opinion. With the advent of the great big internet it has become, if anything, more difficult to find the answers to questions due to all the bullsh!t out there, and the real skill lies in filtering it. Forums are no exception. As long as an opinion isn't simply wrong (or offensive obviously) I don't see any problem with it being aired. Let the OP decide the usefulness for themselves.

    Disclaimer; I am not a member of the RFA yet, therefore I am only qualified to answer questions regarding officer cadet applications. And to give sh!t life and career adice should one desire.
  14. Maybe you should get used to someone calling you a tosser when you act like one.
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