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Hey can anyone serving or have served previously answer questions posted in this topic. My dad used to be in but that was 79-87 or summat and RMR 91-2001 so things have changed since then.

Theres so much information on life during training, but training is 32 weeks and after that theres no information given.

Firstly, once based in your commando unit, excluding exercises etc, is work just daily? like 8-6 ? can you go out on a weekend if theres no training planned?

Can you have a car?

Can you travel home?

Can anyone give an example of a weeks work.

Cheers YS


I'm not sure this is right, this is just bits and bobs I've picked up from cadets. I think that its mostly 9-5 (excluding ex+ops) and normal work is maintenance and training, always training. At nights its really up to you what you do I think. Travel home is fine after training if you think you've got the time.

Again this is just scraps I've picked up so don't quote me on it.


The working day at 42 used to be 08:30 at the lines,PT then lay on your pit and watch trish,go for scran at 12:30 then a lecture until 15:30,then thin out down to jesters on the p*ss for 19:30.

Unless there was a training week, then you would be in the field all week.

But you usually thin out on friday for 13:00 for the weekend.

You can have a car and a house even a missus unless your rat's!!!!!!!

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