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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. The Army has a week of fitness trials etc for new recruits that they would need to pass before rolling onto basic training (or they did, I can't rem).

    This is a good thing; it gives the trainees a taste to how their lives would be for the first few months within the MOB.

    When I went through my joining process, it was just interviews a test and a medical.

    Do you think the RN would benefit from following the Army within this method?
  2. I'm off to Raleigh very soon, and to be honest the physical preparation booklet i've been given is basic to say the least. Standards are lower than the standards I encountered in the T.A. Instead of needing to knock out 44 press-ups in 2 minutes, I only need to do 23. Why???

    Minimum standards required for the RAF, Army, Navy and Marines should be the same across the board. 44 Press-Ups, 50 sit-ups and 1.5 miles in 10 and a half minutes is not difficult!

    The problem is not with the forces though, it's more to do with the lifestyle of young people today - a culture of binge drinking, Playstations and Maccy D's.
  3. It's at times like these that I feel like one of those old judges who ask silly questions during a trial. However I'm now going to ask you two:-

    What are Playstations? And what are Maccy D's?

    :roll: :oops:

  4. My son has just passed out from Raliegh and he was a very fit lad when he went there and even he said that they do push you to the limits at times in there,especially the RM Gym Instructors and they also put you into groups for your running,the faster you are the higher group you are in,and all the time they are trying to get a quicker time out of you,so be as fit as possible and just use the book as a basic guide.

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

    Good Luck.
  5. Is this some sort of bite?

    I'll bite anyway. Playstations are an electronic device plugged into a TV set designed to take teenage boys minds off masturbating.

    Maccy D's is a nickname for McDuck's, a so-called restaurant chain where the only food they sell that doesn't contain sugar is their chips. Oh yeah, and their chicken nuggets.
  6. Err you can count the Marines out of that one lofty. The Navy and the RAF do not have to be battle fit but they must retain a standard of fitness.

    40 Press ups in a minute
    80 Sit ups in 2 minutes
    45 Burpees in a minute
    Minimum of 10 overarm pull ups
    Shuttle runs

    That is done on the potential recruits course which each bloke must pass before getting into training. You also do an endurance course test an assault course test and a timed 1.5 mile run. Plus lectures and interviews all done over 3 days.
  7. Why should they be? Army and RM have to be physically on the front line in all conditions, whereas the RN sits in a metal box miles offshore lobbing missiles into things and the RAF prance around in 5* hotels or spend their lives in East Anglia. And the levels you quote are New Entry levels for RALEIGH only, not the RN as a whole (which varies on age, gender etc).

    As you appear to be a diver, you can rest assured that the standards for your particular branch makes the Army fitness levels seem easy by comparison. So don't worry, you'll be more than fit enough!
  8. Such a thing has already been introduced. There is one or two sites where wannabe Matelots can spend 2/3 days being exposed to naval discipline and the environment prior to joining to ease the culture schock.
  9. Some sort of bite? No I'm afraid not. I think it's called the generation gap! :? I've heard Playstations mentioned but never known what they actually were!!! Personally I think bromide is perfectly good enough, though I see nothing wrong with wonking :lol:

    McDucks - McDonalds? I see - you mean the sort of stuff you encourage public sector workers and matelots to eat in order to avoid paying them pensions? I've never come across the term Maccy D's before. In my day you were lucky to go to the local chippy!

    Thanks Shakey for relieving my ignorance!
  10. Couldn't they do a mile and a half test as part of joining up - perhaps after the aptitude tests?
  11. In theory yes, however have you wathced the 1st mile and a half run in the recruits 1st week? Lucky if 50% pass it in the time required.
  12. [quote="NozzyNozzer"

    McDucks - McDonalds? I see - you mean the sort of stuff you encourage public sector workers and matelots to eat in order to avoid paying them pensions? I've never come across the term Maccy D's before. In my day you were lucky to go to the local chippy!

    Thanks Shakey for relieving my ignorance![/quote]
    For a while there Nozzy they had a macdonalds inside the naval base in Guzz with drive through. Crushers loved coming the big "what ship are you from sonny" whilst Jack was enjoying his big mac.
    It soon closed though, mostly because Jack doesnt really want to pay for scran when he can get it for free onboard, and the jan dockies were to fond of their pasties...
  13. Fitness tests in the RAF are, or should I say were a joke, I know guys who have never passed a fitness test in there service lives and the tests are not hard, for an 18 y/o male 10.9 on the bleep test, 13 press ups and 30 sit ups, what a joke!! and don't get me started on the female contigent who only have to turn up to a fitness test to pass!!!

    However it's changing to incorporate a battle fitness test, running with bergens and loading a wagon with sandbags, don't know quite how that will get you fit for out of area operations, but we'll see how many people will pass it and more importantly what will happen if they don't.
  14. We used to have a fitness test (well it was a punishment actually) when I was a Junior: three flights on stone steps leading to the foreshore (if I remember correctly!) known to us all as 'Faith, Hope and Charity'. If you were a naughty boy they made you run up and down those ruddy steps for an hour with a one minute break every 10 minutes - and that break was only after a kid died and the whole matter caused an outcry in the popular press and questions in Parliament. That makes a 1.5 mile run for an 18 year old a doddle. Your serge uniform left you drenched in sweat with sore skin where the coarse serge rubbed against your skin and bruising where your 303 rifle butt bashed your shins. That punishment was regularly used on 15 & 16 year old boys. Made us VERY FIT though! Perhaps the RAF need something similar?

    [align=center]The pic below does not do their fearful reputation justice!

  15. All new recruits have to pass a pre joining 1.5 nm run, but they get 10% of the time extra. Having been an instructor at Raleigh within the last 2 years I never saw 50 % of new entrants fail the fitness test. In fact if more than 8 failed it was considered a bad entry.

    As mentioned previously, we are not training to be pongos or booties we are matelots. Yes we should be able to reach a standard of fitness but lets not get carried away.

    Raleigh PT is hard if you push yourself and I found that when I did the PT with the recruits they pushed themselves that little harder!

    I'm sure it was harder when we all joined (yeah right) or have we been watching too much bad lads army or full metal jacket.

    If you're honest with yourselfs Raleigh wasn't hard when we joined either. We were just like the recruits we have today adjusting to being away from home, new routines, scary SR's talking in a funny language. That's what makes joining up hard.

    No doubt the recruits of today in 20 years time will be barking on about how hard it was when they joined.
  16. They didn't make it easy for us to run our first mile and a half easy, it was down on the astro turf and very windy. Alot of the lads I joined with ran and completed the 1.5 run not all of them got it int he req. time. That is what I meant by the 50%m sorry :oops:
  17. Did you fail any fitness test on your first attempt? 1.5 mile, PTA, PTB, swimming etc?

    Oh and you will find that they do more Phys now then they did 5 or 6 years ago when you joined up.
  18. Nope, I past all my phys. I was fully fit when I joined up, was swimming for my county and netball so the stamina wasn't a problem. Plus I had been doing alot of training before I joined.
  19. I seem to remember the 1.5 mile run came at the end of my time at Raleigh. You had to pass to be able to join your next establishment.

    As we'd been doubling everywhere for the past 6 weeks, no-one had any difficulty with it.
  20. 3 times you rean it in Ragleigh, once in your 1st week but didn't really matter if you failed it then. Then once in your 5th week ( I think it is the 5th or the 6th week), if you did not pass this you were placed on remedials. Then once more in your 8th week, if you didn't pass this, you were back classed.

    Is it still the same now?

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