Life in a Commando Unit?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by mikey_boi, Apr 6, 2008.

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  1. As the title says guys, if i manage to cut it and become one of the elite what should i expect upon entering the corps in a commando unit?
    cheers mikey
  2. Read one of Stephen Preece's books. He tells you how life is in a commando unit. The blow jobs for the grot daddy from the new guys. Being fisted by the troop commander whilst the rest of the troop uses you for bukkake practice. 69ing the fattest memeber of the troop after 6 laps of the trim trail. Its all there believe me...
    It makes a man of ya and puts hairs on ur chest.
  3. What a load of bollux. You trying to put off this lad or what?

    S/M :nemo:
  4. I would expect to be woken at 8.30 with tea and lighly buttered toast by the Troop Sergeant or one of those awfully nice Corporals, they'd also ensure my slippers and dressing gown were within easy reach, so that I didn't get cold while they ran my bath.
    After breakfast, I'd turn to at 9.30, well 9.25 really as a good Marine is always 5 minutes early, and partake of some PT, gentle stretching followed by some high intensity Yoga.
    Stand easy would be followed by etc etc.
    Have a look at the RM website it's all on there.
  5. On arrival you will be asked if you would like a cruise in the med or a winter skiing holiday in Norway. It is best to book early due to the demand!

    Or you could apply for a sub aqua/water skiing trip down to Dorset with the Frog Squad who have a fetish for anything in rubber.

    All at the taxpayers expense of course. And you get paid!!

    All tax donations will help towards paying for Premier Browns tv license.
  6. Whatever gave you that idea, I like to think of it as inititive training as it might encourage Mikey Boi (??) to search the Corps forum a little and find that this has been done to death before.
    And where does it say that RR is a recruiting agency for the Corps anyhoo, it's the Interweb. Enjoy. :dwarf:
  7. I think its a bit tougher than that - while you eat your toast you will have to watch a Rosemary Conley fitness video ...
  8. take plenty of lube ;)
  9. Ok bit of a daft post really, I have read Steve preeces books but being a civvy wasnt sure of what to make of them, so i thought probably better to ask the booties them selfs, i aint expecting the corps to be a butlins holiday camp nor am i expecting to walk in to a unit and be accepted straight away hence i accept the fact that i may have a midnight shake or two, and accept that the sprog olympics and naked wrestling are all part of the bonding sessions, what i dont understand is the blowjobs for the grot daddy? bukkake practice? 69ing? *******? all a bit daft and gay wouldnt you say.
  10. My bold

    Yes a very daft post. Part of being a Royal Marine is using your swede therefore i suggest you take NZ booties advice and do a bit of research!!

    Oh fcuking god it's the same old shit again!! Read the threads reference Steve Preece on the site and you will see what people think of them

    Say no more and pass the soap on a rope :thumright: :thumright:
  11. There taking the piss mate.
  12. Mikey_boi coming from Wales you will fit in well matey!!

  13. HAHA Backpacker1uk how did you find my nations flag? Ive read the post on preeceys books and they all say the same - lies and a pile of ****, i guess i bit at lukep post showing just how green i am ive been a bit of a duffer and a Gobshyte huh?
  14. im thinking of transferring :tp: :tp:
  15. Erm because its underneath your Avatar numpty!! :dwarf: :thumright:
  16. Fcuk i really am a duffer guess i better join the paras
  17. Yup. You would look good with a big red boil on your swede mate!! Crack on!!
  18. if it dont come after 30 miles and carry a globe and laurel i aint interseted
  19. Ah fond memories........
  20. I start my 32 weeks soon so nout hands on experience....

    But family and mates that are x royals have said to me most of it is true....

    I haven't read any books,no point when all i have to do is pick the phone up...

    You gotta show your sexual prowess(spell check)...if you see photos of royals on a night out,they will be dressed like girls/something amusing or running around photos of mates naked in iraq and norway and i think its just the way it is....lads being lads.

    There aren't many nasty sexual incidents(hahaha) and if there is one,its going to be dealt with inhouse anyways so will never get out :)

    mates joining run,he got beat up naked,pissed on,spunked on and chucked in a prickly long as you take it with a smile(dont smile too much,they will do worse) and on the chin,you would be accepted.a brotherhood....

    I hope they keep these tradtions going,they dont last long but they are very important....

    I cant wait :)

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