Life Cycle


War Hero
I think the life cycle is all back to front,
You should die first , and get it over with...

Then you wake up in a old peoples home,, feeling beter every day
you get chucked out because your too healthy....and then go collect your pension.

You start work and on your fisrt day you receive a gold watch!...working for 40 years till your young enuogh to enjoy your retirement.

You drink alcohol ,party become promiscus... and then prepare for school..

You go to primary school, become a child,,play have fun and have no responsibilities, you become a baby...

You then spend your last 9 months floating peacefully with luxuries like
central heating ,spar, room service and larger living space every day..

And finaly finish as a orgasm........... what a way to go........

Not by me but by A Non E Mouse..................
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