life changing amont of money

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. What is a life changing amount of money?

    i used to think it was winning the lottery- but after talking to my brother earlier- his mate's bank messed up, and he was left with nothing for the weekend- so my bro lent him £30 - this turned out to be a life saving amount!!

    so is it all relative??

  2. What?
    Having £30, or winning millions on the Lottery? :rendeer:
  3. By relative I meant the amount we think is life changing is all relative to the circumstance I guess.........
  4. Enough to pay my mortgage off would be nice .
  5. A life changing amount of money is usually meant to actually mean a lifestyle changing amount of money :)

    Lots of people say that winning the lottery wouldn't change their lives etc etc. Lying gits the lot of them! Even doing the Mother Theresa bit and staying in the Council House with the same job is all lies, because you still have that mountain of money bringing in thousands per month in interest alone!

    To me, a life changing amount of money would be enough to buy a house. That much would change my lifestyle :)
  6. Enough to pay off my bunk light bill. Some bastard keeps on switching it on when I go out of the mess.

  7. Lol :thumright:
  8. One that springs to mind is the guy who used his last quid to buy a lottery ticket and won!

    Personally to me it would be enough to pay off my mortgage and other debts and allow me to retire early without worrying about debt in the future.
    If I won millions I would spend it on charities that need it and people that deserve it.

    But saying that I am unlikely to win it anyway.
  9. At this moment in time enough money to pay off my debts would be life changing amount of money, but enough to buy a house would be even nicer!

  10. For me, right now it'd be about £10,000. Enough to get pilot lessons for both aeroplanes and helicopters, and go on a parachute course to get qualified for that =]
  11. Did it last year, offered a deal by BT and snatched their hands off, I only left 7 months early, we retire at 60, but due to the new age laws I got the same package as everyone else, my pension kicks in, in February.
  12. a 100k would be a lifestyle sweetner but it i sreckoned that even a couple of million is now not a lifestyle changing amount. once youve bought/upgraded the house/car, holidays etc etc

    to recieve 5k a month interest alone you will need about 1.7 mil just sitting there in the bank
  13. what about the woman who won £8,000,000 in liegh park and she had terminal cancer what a waste
  14. I think the amount needed would be depending how old you were .

    My life style at the moment is very comfortable -no mortguage quite a good income and I'm retired . No debts and money in the bank.
    I have more problems trying to spend money-- I have most things I wanted so spending now is boring!!

    Took a lifetime to get this far --hard graft but I think quite honestly I enjoyed the hassle periods of hardship ----bills at the top of the pile got paid budgeting . Definately gives you the will to earn more and appreciate what you have .

    I now get great enjoyment staying dressed clean but untidy and going to buy expensive things in ''posh '' shops . Surprising sales people
    when I pull out the wad of dosh or debit card.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I have generated and spent huge amounts of money, well huge for me.

    3 days work, that'll be 10k please...AND they paid it...unbelievable.
    I've also done shedloads of work for sod all, everythings relative I suppose.

    I've worked with litter pickers and head honchos......who do I look after? the litter picker, because he works harder and longer than everyone else. Probably one of the reasons I'm now "employable"
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's an odd one really.

    When I transferred from "front line" to Naval Careers Service, I got my lump sum. Went out, bought a 32' cabin cruiser, cash, on the inland waterways. A complete life-change - utterly & completely idyllic. To me every spare afternoon, weekend & holiday was bliss, total relaxation & enjoyment for the first time ever. For example: took a week getting to Llangollen by boat, my brother-in-law met us, swapped his car for our boat on the return trip- home in 45 minutes (Madness!). Absolute luxury, 7th heaven to me.

    My Wife & son? Found it boring after 3 years, if not sooner. Ended up selling it for several thousand more than it cost, but if I could turn the clock back...
  17. I`d be content with enough money for ten Woodbines.
  18. £5M would transform my life. I could buy a large bungalow, adapt it for my needs and employ a Butler-cum-Chauffer and gardener... ex-RN naturally... to look after the house, me and my globe artichokes.

    When will I win?

    Lamri, the job would come with free accomodation... ;)

    When could you start? :razz:
  19. obviously don't play, it is £2-5 jackpot on wednesday and £ 4-5 on saturday.
  20. I like this thread.. its amused me.
    Its wierd how differnt amounts of money mean so much to differnt people.

    I mean if i won 2K at 16.... my life would be forever changed and i could actulay wear decent clothes for once! lol

    But yet winning 2K when your like 40means nothing at all tbh...
    It could buy you like half a new car lol

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