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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by SOOPAMAN, May 27, 2009.

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  1. When at sea in a submarine can you take laptops, mini DVD players, MP3 players, ipods, gameboys, PSP, nintedo DS or such like for gaming, film watching, music listening entertainment??

    I know you will be busy on a sub, but in your off time, apart from reading books and magazines and playing board games can you bring any of the above on board for further entertainment?

    and are the rules for these different for SSN and SSBN submarines?

  2. A Sub? Do you mean a boat or a Sub-Lieutenant? If the latter, all you needis love and lots of Swarfega :twisted:
  3. Take a stout short wooden stick to bite down hard onto and a large bucket of KY jelly.......and some condoms if bareback concerns you
  4. If you want to be an anti-social bastard and sit in the mess playing a laptop then yes.

    I had heard a rumour that bombers have banned them in the bunk spaces as they may interfere with the weapons!!
  5. Learn how to play uckers and practice your "upboard" technique when you get an 8 piece dicking, or as RJ says, take plenty of KY for your 8 dick piercing
  6. HAHAHA sorry, yes i meant 'boat'

    and thanks guys, where can i buy a 'bucket' of KY?

    but can i still bring the other stuff?? haha

  7. Take the KY in tubes, easier to stow away, and you can carry a tube with you at all time just to be prepared.. I never had time for any of the other stuff on an SSN, but I do understand bombers are a bit more like a cruise so perhaps it would be worthwhile.
  8. haha righto

    I s'pose i can figure it out for myself once i get to that point (for the DVDs and laptops i meant)
  9. So much for Britain's 'Sure Shield'..... :roll:
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Off time,,,,,,During this time you can do anything you want. T-shirt, shorts & flip-flops watching movies having a few quiet beers. I would brush up on chess. Most skippers & XO's enjoy a game and its normal proccedure for the new chaps to callenge them to a game. Good luck.
  11. thanks for that mate, will do

    I have also picked up some info on RN submariner medical tests

    when you are at SETT do you still get a full plate chest xray?

    and if you do is it your lungs or your ribcage bones they ae looking at?

    thanks again.
  12. Only if you breathe through your ribs :roll:
  13. so you do get a chest xray? and they are looking at your lungs?
  14. :oops: :oops: only if your a Wren, going on Skimmers :lol: :lol:
  15. i only ask because navy divers did (still do?) get them to look at their ribs to check for long bone necrosis..

    it makes sense to check submariners ribs, when there going to be subject to the same sort of thing whilst in the SETT tank

    but nowadays doctors can check for long bone necrosis with out the need for a full chest plate xray..

    i was just wondering if RN submariners get the xray done anymore..
  16. SOOP

    SETT is now shut for wet submarine escape training and is all dry class room type course.

  17. oh right? so all future submariners dont go into the SETT tank anymore?

    its all just theory based training now?

    what was the reason for this then?
  18. I have read that submariners did have to get a full plate chest xray done prior to submarine escape training..

    but now that submarine escape training is no longer done (apart from the theory/class room part which still is) it can be assumed that submariners no longer have a full plate chest xray done?

    am i right? there is no more chest xrays for submariners?
  19. NUTTY - I was monitoring this thread with growing amusement, I believe it had a considerable way to go. You've now spoilt it !! :x

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