Life at Raleigh (food, spare time???)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jonno_0002, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Right, this could sound really stupid, ill warn you now! But... do u get a choice of foods in the Navy? I am not at all fussy, but being in the teenage years, i have come to find that any products in my diet containing Vegetable Oil cause me to break out in bad acne! Does anyone know if you would be able to avoid such foods, or would you be being an awkard git to do so! Is there a wide range to choose from?
    Another question is what sort of things will i be doing at Raleigh (basic training) other than running, to keep me occupied through the day? And do you continue to work through the evening of each day, or are you given some spare time? I do understand you cant leave the base for 6 weeks, but am wondering what happens with the evening/weekend in your first 6 weeks when you are stuck within the vicinity of the base.

    Sorry for like 60 questions in one post, but any answers would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to get a rough idea of what its going to be like, as i leave in July. CANT WAIT!!!
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Jonno: Welcome to RR. Troll through the Newbies threads and I'm sure most of your queries will be answered as to what life at Raleigh is like. Failing that go back to your AFCO and ask them for more up to date information.

    As for food intolerances, I recall there was a limited choice of scran, but I doubt you'll be able to avoid fried food; it's a staple of the diet! Failing that, just spunk all your wages on crap from the NAAFI... by the way, everyone gets zits when they're younger - it's called adolescence! :lol:
  3. Just eat chips mate, they normally look like they've either been boiled or brought straight from the fires of hell :D
    Seriously though, there will be plenty of veg for you to choose, but you will be both too hungry and in too much of a rush to worry about what you are eating much of the time. And you will need the calories :)
  4. You'll get spare time:
    When you are asleep! and a very limited amount otherwise.
    You are going to be busy!
    The entire point of the routine is to drill you in procedures, and to ensure you are not an entire liability when you go onto your specialist training.
    Apart from the necessary instruction there will be the need to keep your accommodation and yourselves clean (yourselves = team effort) which will include cleaning up after others.
    You will be expected to be always personally and with respect to your clothing exactly what is required.
    As for the food I remember it being Ok but there were an awful lot of chips, necessary as everyone like them. It is carefully designed to feed youthful bodies doing more exercise than they have been accustomed to.
    Everyone else has said the rest.
    ps Timekeeping is paramount, remember that and the rest will come along behind.
    You are entering a different life, enjoy it to the full and good luck.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Thing you'll find all the relevant info on this link- download it, it's handy reference:Life at Raleigh

    Good Luck
  6. The Link doesnt work :(
  7. Well after speaking to several people who left Raleigh last week, they hated the food and couldn't wait to eat something that wasn't yellow.
    As for spare time, in the first 6 weeks you'll be too busy to think about much else other than getting your kit ready for the next inspection and finally getting some sleep.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be honest you have to trawl around the RN website- I'm not a big fan as it isn't particularly easy to navigate. Try this page, rather than the Information Packs, it gives a day by day breakdown of Phase One training:
    Recruit Diary
  9. Food isn't great to be quite honest with you, but there's plenty of it, and do eat plenty. As for spare time there isn't much of it to begin with; out of class time you will be getting ready for the next day. Basic training has its ups and downs, like anything in life!, just remember that you only have to do it once!!

    TOP TIP, ensure your class works as a TEAM and you will get stuff done MUCH faster.
    For example with regard to kit ironing, have set people doing everyone's shirts/trousers (etc) each night, not only is this the fastest way, but those people become good at it with practice... hopefully removing the need for rescrubs.
  10. Thanks everybody! Really helped me out there! Particularly Ninja stoker with those journals! Never seen those before, they give us a good insight!
    As far as the food question goes, ive only just realised what a sad shit i sounded! ha! I think your probably right in saying i'll eat what i'm given after all of the physical exercise! I honestly thought them first eight weeks were made to be fairly boring, with just running, an assault course and polishing - perhaps even scrubbing the showers clean with a toothbrush! Evidently / fortunately i was wrong... After reading them journals i can see each day appears to be cram packed with tasks and adventures! Much more fun than id expected! Ive just been told off friends / family that they try to crack you in them eight weeks, evidently they were slightly mistaken, as it seems more to do with development!
    Well thanks again everybody, i clearly had no idea what to expect and am very grateful for the above replies.
    In regard to Dunkers comment, i love the ironing idea! But if one person fucks up, they **** up EVERYBODYS ironing! That cant be good! ha.
    Still... worth a try eh!

  11. Welcome to the Andrew "matey" , just get in there & do it , It's all to do with attitude , if you want it you will do it , go for it & the best of luck . :wink:
  12. :)

    Just got all nostalgic, briefly.

    They're not bad, reasonably honest without the cloying eagerness you tend to get with these things.

    But I suspect everyone can recognise this:

    But naturally the main event of the week was the passing in parade and after practising all week to make sure everything was perfect, the day we have been looking forward to for eight weeks finally arrived. Waiting for the ceremony to begin, I felt such a mixture of emotions. It was so exciting, but you could really feel the added pressure of knowing that your friends and family have come to share in your big day. As usual we rose to the occasion, all holding our heads up high with pride and concentrating on putting on a good show.

    I think everything rather paled into insignificance on the day, which made it all worthwhile.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    True, it's a good site the RN one, but it's a bugger to navigate unless you categorically know the info is there somewhere.

    As for my passing in, out, Hokey-Cokey, all my class: "Into Line, Left TURN" Me, exactly the same only "Right". Ooops :oops: It still embarrasses me!
  14. There are a lot of broken links, and a lot of it is woefully out of date, but it's better than the Army one!
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yes, an interesting point regarding broken links and not being kept up to date. The RN Website is not maintained by the Navy anymore- it's contracted out.

    Not so long ago under "What is an Officer?" It read: "Royal Marine Commando Officers are the senior managers in the Royal Navy". Obviously some witty Royal had inserted "Royal Marine Commando" at the beginning. All very amusing, but when the website was notified, it took 6 weeks to correct the entry.

    Reassuring to know your taxes are so wisely spent on such a reliable company.
  16. Cheapest quote probably.

    When will we learn that cheap is frequently not effective!
  17. Change doctors mate, diet doesn't affect acne. Enjoy the training and good luck.
    Oh yeah, almost forgot.... GET YER HAIR CUT YOU 'ORRIBLE LITTLE MAN!
  18. .

    OMG :(

    That is a "Please Earth, open up and swallow me whole" moment!

    That's my biggest fear!

    But I suppose if you concentrate and listen to the commands, you shouldn't have nothing to worry about!
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeah, and hearing the people clapping, the music echoing round the parade ground, mishearing the commands from the platoon in front of you... it'll be fine! :twisted:
  20. I still have the photos of the passing out parade, and that one classic person who couldn't march; of course the tallest and most obvious person in the whole thing, bless him!
    He came from Trinidad and was blond haired and blue eyed, and a bit of a worry when I took him home for the weekend (from Mercury not Raleigh) to our family home near Brixton!

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