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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by number_six, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone had any problems with life assurance due to membership of the RNR? Personally I have never had a problem and always delared my RNR activities. However I have recently heard of a colleague being asked for a whopping increase on his premiums after the company asked questions about his RNR activity.
  2. Can you guys apply for PAX? It's a pretty good, all encompassing, policy that works out pretty reasonable and can cover your family too. Can even use it after leaving the service.

  3. As my civvy job is as a financial advisor have come across it quite alot..Many insurers have relaxed their stance for reservists now that mobilisation has slowed down...however cases can still depend on your role and duties. Whilst the PAX cover is quite good there are alot of areas that you would expect to be covered on a mainstream policy that are not..!

    My advice is seriously shop around and if you cant be fussed with shopping around get yourself an independant financial advisor who can do the leg work for you....most are free and do not charge for this!!
  4. I would concur with what is being said above, I declared my membership of the RNR and after a couple of days, the insurer rang back and said that this would not be a problem (although this was before Telic, so it may have changed).

    They also removed the reference to not being insured if flying on non-comercial flights and included military flights as an insured risk.

    This will vary from company to company, but as WarMonger says shop around - the more enlighted companies will provide cover at no additional cost.
  5. I'd better have a chat with you then mate. :wink:

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