Life as a weapons engineer in the RN?

Hi, I am strongly considering a career in the navy after I leave sixth form in two years. I was considering going to uni to do marine engineering as I have the target grades, but uni doesn't really appeal to me. However, I want to go into weapons engineering but although I've found out a great deal about other branches, I haven't been able to find out much about the day to day life of a weapons engineer either on deployment or not :(

I apologize for the amount of questions I have, but I'd appreciate any help I could get since the internet has failed this time :roll:

So, what is your day like while at sea? Do you enjoy it? How often do you go away on deployment? What does your job actually consist of, as the descriptions online have been very vague.

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Mainly world of warcraft and sleeping all day
With booze. Don't forget the booze, loads of booze. And women, even ugly bastards can pull with a uniform, and a gun and some medals.
Oh and a ship, if you can get in a ship that is usually handy if you go overseas, but not essential.
All the others are.
My day at sea.....
Awake from my 9 hours in my rack.
Turn to...
Stand easy
Turn to...
Turn to...
Secure at 1600
Get in bed
Dinner at 1830
Get in the fridge
Go to bed.

I aim to get at least 5 hours in my rack, anything at night is a bonus!!!!!
As beer bosun it used to grip my shit on a Sunday having to get up and organise the day's beer issue by 1000 while the rest of the mess were still in their scratchers, but then again, I've always been the self sacrificing type


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You can manufacture your own lubricants and 'O' seals?

I'm impressed :notworthy:

No replacement parts for you then? :winkrazz:
Made many "o" seals through the years as it happens and the last "component" I made was for WE's funny enough.
As for lubricants, well natural's always best!
You should find that you have plenty spare time on your hands, during which you can play Royal Naval Ludo with your pals and make as much noise as is humanly possible in order to irritate the watch keepers.
It all depends whether you join as a rating or an officer.

As the WE branch runs the navy they have organised for themselves day work at sea on skimmers so lots of time off evenings and weekends, so be prepared for plenty of jealousy from other less important branches, if you join submarines you will have to work harder, as a rating you will gradually be given more responsibility for maintaining equipment, as an officer you will think you are in charge of making sure the equipment is top line, this is a delusional state WE officers have at sea. Marine Engineers think they are important but there sole job in life is to push and go when they are told, as a war canoe is for fighting and the WE keep all the fighting systems on-line :love2::happy6::bounce::happy6::bounce: (stand by for abuse from the less import)

Even on submarines you will get the jealousy call as you take in On watch movies and on watch scran to maximise rack time.
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Tamnottle said:
Rasping death rattle...
**** off, Ron Weasley. I thought you had died alone in your bedsit in a pool of stagnant urine, stinking like a piece of dead meat. A piece of dead meat so toxic I wouldn't even feed your corpse to vultures.
I wonder where the WE's get the wigglies from to keep all their toys flashing lights going, especially considering all those "important" defects that occur, normally when loading beer etc :)
I wonder where the WE's get the wigglies from to keep all their toys flashing lights going, especially considering all those "important" defects that occur, normally when loading beer etc :)
ERs and BERs greenie of course, post EBD we got rid of them and called them clanky ‘L’
do not mention the curse of the Aussie Wiggles?
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