Life as a submariner

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can shed light on this for me. I'm all ready and set up for my pre joining course and put on the waiting list for the career I have in mind. The waiting list for that is about 24 months so I rang my afco to explore other options.

One I have been trying to research and stood out to me was warfare specialist tactical or sonar tbh as a submariner. I know it's a tough job mentally and physically and I believe I have the capabilities but im finding it difficult to find any background and research on what life as a submariner is like

Anyone who can give me any insight and opinions I'd be great full. As this is my future career I'd like to know from first hand what I'm considering. And what life as a submariner is like etc. Thanks :)
Cleaning. More cleaning. Ordering bog rolls and duvets.
Handling ropes. Some basic gunnery. Bit of sonar then lots more cleaning

Cleaning. More cleaning. Ordering lots of highlighters and VHS Tapes.
Swimmer of the watch. More cleaning.

should just about cover it

AFCO mentions swapping my application to submariner to me all most everytime I have called. Advice I was given by a good friend who is a submariner is "You'll feel like the AFCO shafted you at the best of times, if it's the job you want it's worth the wait." as I side note I applied in 2009 initially, time does pass honest.

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