life as a submariner


hi guys im interested in joining the navy and curious about life as a submariner

my questions are regarding a typical (3-6 month? if thats right) deployment

1.How long are you submerged for on average and maximum before getting out?

2.How often and for how long do you get out over a 6 month deployment?

3.Do you get many or any foreign port excursions?

4. How long is spent between deployments?

5 .Advantages of being a submariner over surface fleet?


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The short answer:

1. 3-6 months, roughly.
2. You don't.
3. No.
4. About 3-6 months.
5. Submarine pay.
Somebody will no doubt be along shortly with more in-depth answers. Try the search function - you might find something there...


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1. Most of it.
2. Very seldom (if you get out you let the water in).
3. Not many, Bombers even less.
4. Depends on your drafting.
5. Better pay