Life as a marine engineer


the basic difference is that one is human, the other lives at the bottom of a pond! I dont know what its like now but a tiff spends lots of time in a classroom, then gets promoted very quickly and knows not a lot but think they do. A stoker on the other hand does the minimum basic training , then goes to sea to learn the job and gets his experience that way. In the days of old a stoker was an MEM, a tiff an MEA - dont know what it is now though. Just go in with an open mind, there are only 2 options - you will love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. Also be glad there are no steam ships left - nasty stuff but interesting !! good luck.


Storky86 said:
What pros are there for joining up as a marine engineer rather than the other jobs?

depends what you want in your right hand - a spanner, paintbrush or a mop?? When you leave the mob, there isnt a huge demand for seamen operators on P&o ferries, why become a chef when you learn to cook pot mess to at least nvq standard down the engine room, you could become a stores type person and end up at mcdonalds when you leave but as part of the wonderful world of engineering you at least have something to take outside with you - oh and its better than scrubbing sh*thouses all day too!


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ship wreck, please can I use this in one of my classes at the college, were I teach marine engineering to Merchant Navy?

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