Life as a marine engineer

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Storky86, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. can anyone tell me what life as a marine engineer is really like? such as the daily routines and the type of things I will learn if i decide to join up as an marine engineer. and aynthing else which you think i need to know before i make a decision. cheers
  2. Can't you kids just read the bloody pamphlets or something and make your own minds up? Every day is an adventure in the RN matey, you should have to pay to belong, not the other way around! How boring would life be without surprises ;)
  3. well it is just a really big decision, and the pamphlets are never gunna tell you any of the negative sides to the job. before i make my decision i want to know as much as i can.
  4. Lamri - you should tell him about the swarfs mate! I told the PO stoker about withdrawal of your swarfs privileges and he then proceeded to tell me what it really meant. I am mortified o_O You really do that with swarfs? Does is not sting?
  5. You want the negative sides yet you haven't even joined yet? Sounds to me like you just want to be put off :)

    Now personally I like watchkeeping, but lots don't. Usually 1 in 4 (4Hrs each watch) with a split in the dogs (16:00-20:00) so you don't do the same watches every day and you can also get some scran. This is the basic day-to-day running of the Propulsion and Auxiliaries at sea, but you'll be far too busy running around like a blue arsed fly and making tea for the one and two to worry about too much, like the fact that you are also attack during silent hours. As a sprog, you will also have to keep watches when alongside (when you are duty).

    Everyone does this, some (ME's) more than others (Non ME's) as the department has the most "Real Estate" onboard. Get used to it, it NEVER goes away.

    Shit Plants, Oily Water Seps, Lighting, Whatever, it all breaks at some point. Luckily, you WON'T be the one fixing it, as you are a sprog and no-one trusts you until you can prove yourself. Grab a rag and the killicks toolbag and he might show you what to do.
    Oh, and don't think that you will be going when leave is piped either (when the ship gets alongside, that is). Shore cables, shore services (water, etc) all have to be connected and checked before leave is granted for the department. Has the ME Loggies ordered fuel before effing off? Oh well, you'll be doing that little beauty too!

    More people will add, of that i'm sure (You did just want some of the disadvantages, didn't you?)
  6. No, I am NOT going to tell him about the swarfs, that will end with him phoning his AFCO with some made up excuse about always wanting to join the Army :D
    Oh, it only stings the greenies, for some reason the clankies were always so slack that it didn't hurt at all :)
  7. It's not that bad Lamri. You do get to eat what's left after they all go ashore.
    By Marine Engineer do you mean stoker or the present day attempt at tiff??
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  8. By the way, Rosie, what's with the Terry Wogan pic. U fell out with the cats??
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  9. that is great! i don't want to be put off, i just want to know what im letting myself in for. its better to know as much as i can. i didnt want to hear just the advantages though, i want an overall picture lol.
  10. erm, right well im new to the whole nay thing so you will hav to explain to me the difference between stoker and tiff. lol
  11. Marine Engineers, despite what the dabbers say, are the centre of the universe as far as the Navy is concerned - it all comes down to the basics of a warship: Float, Move, Fight. The ME's keep it afloat (or allow it to sink in a controlled fashion - SMs), they make it move (a dabber just points it somewhere), they supply the necessary electrics, chilled water, air supplies to enable it to fight. So basically everyone is f*cked without the ME. As Lamri points out the MEs are the only real watchkeepers onboard, the other lazy bastards are part timers. So unless you have some grand vision of driving your own war canoe then Marine Engineer is the only place to be :thumright:
  12. A stoker was eventually given his chief's rate. Atiff had to earn it

    anon(ers) :nemo:
  13. rite, well im not too sure about that. there was no mention of that in the application.
  14. erm,yeah right. I happen to know a good few Chief "Tiffs" (There haven't been any proper tiffs since ACC was stopped in my view) that aren't fit to be killick stokers.
  15. What pros are there for joining up as a marine engineer rather than the other jobs?
  16. Stokers are on the lower pay band I believe - enough said! (and wrongly so in my opinion and I'm not a stoker)
  17. NONE

    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  18. You get to dip your wick in swarfega?
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The main one used to be that you got your own wheel spanner, but I don't know if that is still the case
  20. doesn't everyone get paid on the same basis then? do people in other roles get paid more than others? they don't tell you this type of stuff at the armed careers office. what type of pay should i expect as a marine engineer? and if i did join up now what would i join as, a stoker or a tiff?

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