Life after training... all the gritty bits!

I have my AIB in just under two weeks and doing a bit of interview prep. One of the topics I want to be on top of is the career after training. I'm going for pilot, preferably helicopters, escpecially lynx.

Of course there will be information already out there but I wanted to get first hand experiences of the day-to-day tasks, that haven't been edited for 'civy' publishments.

Any feedback appreciated
Probably the biggest thing to hoist on board if you are successful and get 'wings' on your arm.

You will have masses of non pilot related crap to deal with daily.

You will be a Divisional Officer, (DO), responsible for the ratings under you.

You will get lemoned for loads of secondary administrative tasks either on a squadron or on board if embarked.

Doesn't detract from a great life getting paid to fly expensive hardware in a way no civvy pilot would!

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