Life after the RN

Do you remember the day that you handed back your kit and became just another civie?
Was it a good feeling?
Did you have work to go to?
Were you happy or sad?
Had you prepared for a life on the outside?
Were you thrown out of your Married Quarter and made homeless?
Have you any advice for those about to make the leap?
Did a CTW and a design engineers course (where I work now) it was basically a 4 week interview. That was in the February, offered a job on the last day and left the mob in October (08). No longer in design, I sideways moved into C 130 Tech Support.

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Handed in my repirator and ID card. Civvy for a month and now in the RNZN. Some might say taking the easy way out as it is all I know how to do. I would say a fresh start with the benefit of hindsight at work and no retirement age as long as I can pass my fitness test (and I remain in a shortage category).
Handed in my repirator and ID card. Civvy for a month and now in the RNZN. Some might say taking the easy way out as it is all I know how to do. I would say a fresh start with the benefit of hindsight at work and no retirement age as long as I can pass my fitness test (and I remain in a shortage category).
So you didn't actually leave, just got drafted to a new trapping region:p:D


Lantern Swinger
Found it very odd and quite depressing, hand your ID to the wren in Nelson, she gives you a piece of paper as a temp ID, says bye, you walk out the gate after 22 and that's it, your on your own mate!
CTW is ok for interviews CV etc, but it's no good at telling you other things, like getting a doctor / dentist sorted, dealing with job centres and general interaction with useless dogsbodies who don't give a monkeys!
At least in the mob, your DO feigned intrest in your problems!
Never mind, back to the current battle with the local council idiots who just don't get it!
Looked at leaving about 7 years before time so studied with the OU, I looked at loads of job at that time and said I can do that, but all wanted a degree so I went and got one.
Add all money in order and asked wife could she get a job all we needed was about £250 A month and we could survive, so planned a break, had a few offer on the table so no worries.
Went and did the Florida hol with family, had my own place been there 26 years now.
My advice is plan ahead, I am talking years not weeks, and there were a few who said they wished they had thought ahead. If you are willing to move to get work there is plenty out here, as a family we did not move, I did, took me 13 years to get a good job back home after leaving the mob.
To me walking out of Drake main gate it was like a breath of fresh air, and the start of a new adventure which I hoped I had prepared for, not many jobs give you as much notice of your final date as the pusser. Do not worry about lack of job offers most will not offer unless your time is almost up or you can leave at a reasonably short notice.
To me walking out of Drake main gate it was like a breath of fresh air
Absolutly agree. I couldn't wait to leave. I was asked to sign on again, but I just wanted to be a civvie. Loved it while I was in, but have never regretted leaving.
And I couldn't have given a toss who took my ID card off me, I would have been happy if they told me to drop it in the bin next to the main gate. I was glad to get rid of it!
I left after 33 years and nothing (apart from the pay) changed as my last RN job was ccivilianised and I got it!

Bought my own house 2 years after getting married, up graded to a larger house later on so when I left I was mortgage free.

Certain things were difficult to get my head round as a civvy such as doctors, dentists, different working rules, working Friday PM's, no sloping off etc but other than that it was pretty painless.

I don't miss pier head jumps, duties, so called superiors hiding behind their rank plus many other things in the same vein, maybe I just got fed up with not having a say in my life.

I do enjoy the fact I get every weekend off and can book holidyas months in advance.
Can always remember what the "Schoolie" said at a resettlement lecture I attended ... never forget you're being made redundant! However did go on a resettlement s course and came out with a Class 1 HGV licence (which I've never used) but if all else failed it was another string to the bow. Handed back the Respirator and ID card and bimbled through Nelson main gate as a civvy! As luck would have it I wasn't unemployed as I'd quickly got a job in the NHS and 20 yrs later I'm still there. Went into the dockyard as part of a NHS mobile blood collection team about 9 months after I went outside - stood talking to an old oppo (WOMAA) when some young sprog half ringer called me a bloody civvy! Yeeeesssss! Made it!

Happy about it ... Yes I probably was, after 22 yrs it was time to move on

Got divorced not long before I came out so no home to go to as such however rented for a while then bought a house so no real problem there. The job came up at the right time so applied and got it but must admit I had put in a fair bit of prep and moved onward and upwards from there.

Think the main message (which I am sure has been said on her before only I really can't be arsed to do a search) is don't expect the civvies to be crawling over each other to give you a job ... you have to work for it and you can't rely on the fact the RN allowed you to do Brain Surgery ... civvies ain't interested! Neither do civvy's understand barrack humour, sports M&M's or "Jackspeak",
We were told at my CTW by the lady doing it " I wouldn't mind a pound for everyone who tells me they don't care what they do when they go outside, they will stack shelves in Tesco!". Her reply is, "Being ex forces, after 6 weeks you will be trying your hardest to find a better way of doing it".

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Do anything to pay the bills is OK but if you aim low and achieve it, trying to get better jobs after that can be difficult, a lot do not believe half you tell them about your service life, but they will look at your past Civvy jobs.
We have an ex dabber here who was working Projects from Abbey Wood as his last job, Thales wanted to use his background and he knew the Thales grading system so told them the lowest grade he would work at, they gave it him he took a good few years to actually get to grips with that role and has now joined us as a Senior project manager.
Also had an ex dabber do something similar at BAE Systems, they do not get bogged down with engineering stuff as that is not their background so just get on with project managing.
So you roll the dice and take your chances but try not to sell yourself short
Had pretty much the same experience as drewfester with regards to CTW and lack of info in how to register for NHS doctor's and dentists, local council and the pathetic Job Centre Circus (left just as Labour's recession kicked in and was too qualified for vacancies in Logistics within a 50 mile commute). When I left the Mob from Faslane I handed my ID to a very dis-interested MoD Civil Servant who couldn't give a toss. Are those in the Release Offices totally ignorant or just plain jealous.....? Got a 30-minute pass to get out of the dockyard, handed my red-area pass to MoD Plod and that was it - 24 yrs and all I got was a Quaich from the BSO (wrong dates engraved) and a certificate from 1SL (and that doesn't have my correct name on it!).

Now a MoD Civil Servant, no Friday 1200 finish these days, but 1300 is better than a kick in the teeth.
When I left it was much the same as others, hand in your AGR and I.D. card and out the gate, can't remember how I felt at the time. Only jobs going in York was in one of the 2 chocolate factories on shifts which was soul destroying so was a doleite for six months. Got a job at Portasilo building portable shit houses for 2 yrs which was good but then my dream job came along at the Uni as maintenance fitter on H&V with occasional shift relief in the campus biolerhouse. Left after 20 yrs and the last ten yrs before retiring as basic IT tutor.
Bimbled out of HMS DRAKE July 12th 1994. Stayed in the Three Ferrets for two days...can't remember
much of that and on the strength of a couple of telephone calls - I strolled back into the dockyard when
I sobered up and I've been here ever since.

I'm here now (as usual) and will be until tomorrow morning. Happy days.
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