Life after the mob

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Sharkey, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Seen a couple of comments about looking for work on leaving the mob,Sumo being treated like shit in the job centre,never been out of work myself, after the mob I went after electrical jobs and got some offers but the pay was crap, low basic and the rest made up with bonus payments for productivity etc, so first job was making three piece suites paid per suite and was earning roughly double what tradesmen were earning, then wire bashing for a big company moving on and up till retiring.
  2. Sat at the dockyard gate waiting for offers. Got three but had sore lips so went home.
    I worked as a stockman but (don't laugh this is serious) my arse was raw from saddles and hundreds of miles chasing sheep.
    They don't take on the Welsh or Ex submariners for obviouse reasons.
    Lasted 8 months.
  3. I take it stockman was some thing to do with animals in Oz not making gravy in the greasy spoon cafe Tamworth
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  4. Never been out of work at all. Left the mob and straight away joined National Blood Service as a Professional Vampire (no weekends/duty watches) and stayed with them for 15 yrs working my way up into Mangement position ... Job came up in local hospital still with no weekends and this will see me out to retirement ... which having to keep Mrs MG in the style of life she has become acustomed means another 5 years to pensh ...

    Friend of mine has just been made redundant after 11 years and is looking for a job in web administration / system analysis (she talks computer gobbledegook) ... says that the local Job Agencies are a right bunch of 5 fingered shufflers who are only interested if you sign on with them for temporary positions as they make money ... if you are after permanent work they don;t want to know!
  5. Yeah I worked for my uncle at Ryan station up in the Territory's.
    Good fun hard work but no future unless I could have killed my cousins.
    Came back here and decided to drive as had got HGV during the dock strike. Pusser trained me at Frasier Gun Range.
  6. Trying to remember where I met her ... but worked with a pair of twins somewhere along the line, one of which went out to Oz to work on a sheep station for a summer ... sat on a bale of straw on her first day and got bitten on the arse by a Black Widow or something equally as nasty which inhabited said bale and spent the rest of the summer recoverings. Shame I wasn't there as she was divs and I would have happily have sucked her arse cheeks!
  7. Where as I must admit to hating eight legged ******* to the power of infinity, I was only ever bitten once and that was a red back, got me in the dunny at night the little ******. Probably payback for killing his mummy the day before.
    Felt like bad flu and lasted about three or four days, but no anti venom as we were in the bush.
  8. I left the mob fancying myself as a Company Rep.Pusser obliged me with a resettlement course in that line of work and I quickly found a job.Despite my best efforts it turned out the lonely life out dredging up business was not my cup of tea so I moved on to the retail tyre business where I worked for the next 30 years in various situations.
  9. I spent three years delivering tyres to retail outlets by driving a wagon for Christian Salvesen, from Dunlops and Goodyear.
  10. If you ever found Evesham on your route we may have met albeit fleetingly.
  11. I did eversham on a regular basis.
    All tyre outlets.
  12. better.
  13. So, are you still working or retyred
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  14. Your treading on his toes now and may put him under pressure.
    Just to inflate your profile.
  15. I would like to apologise for that crack as he must have heard it soooooo many times, but I thought its not 9 oclock and there may be some kids up who thought it funny
  16. There isn't!
  17. My brother was a CD in the mob, when he left he got a job with a yank company working far east, middle east and round the states making silly money, he told me to take a ships divers course before I left and he would get me a job with the company he worked for as private firms liked pussers trained divers, but I decided that sounded too exciting and opted for a job making chairs in Lancashire.
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  18. Fuckin hell a chairman.
    Sofa a good earner would you recommend it?
  19. I worked as a doorman at an infamous drinking venue in Birmingham until one day I was introduced to the business end of a revolver, with a ****** at the other end who looked like he wanted to pull the trigger.
    It was an armed police mob who had come to arrest the other half of the door staff for armed robbery.
    I can't recall which end of me wanted to eject a fluid first.
  20. Sharkey Ward I guess? When did he leave?

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