Life after Killick's course


Hello all,

Am on my WAFU's killick's course at the moment and there seems to be a lot of speculation and Naafi queue buzzes about what happens after we leave.

As I understand it we come out as limited supervisors and can sit a board to gain full sup status, although this is governed by the AEO. The contention is whether or not killick's have to do a C of C and does anybody know if the fastrack route is open to killicks?

Any help anyone could give would be grateful


The progression you've got there is right as far as I'm aware, not sure about the fast track route though, I think that people are selected for fast track at each stage so should be open to people on LAET cse.



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After killicks course you still have to do a c of c i think . But with LAET's i believe the c of c only allows you to carry jobs which are process driven. ie kaid down in topic 1's etc. If not you have to get a PO. If this is still true a massive step back from full sup killicks everyhting and anything. i belive this is the way the AET's training goes.


As a limited sup what can you do? I've just transfered from the RAF and a Corporal there can do everything a Seargant can, with the exception of independent inspections, what can a killick do, sounds to me like a glorified lad or is this a distroted view?
pretty much the same thing for us, only we don't get to sit on our arses like the PO's drinking coffee and tea and taking all the credit once the hookies and lads have dug out getting the airframes ready for flying.