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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sim_fitter, May 9, 2013.

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  1. After the initial 10 weeks at Raleigh for ratings. My path will lead onto Collingwood. Im just wondering what kind of freedom would I have, say if girlfriend wanted to move to that area, would I beable to leave the base for the night or would it have the same restrictions as HMS Raleigh.
  2. I'm a little slow. What would you want to do at night that you couldn't do during the day? :rabbit:
  3. Ha, well thats a tricky question! yeah well no one i spoke to could give me an answer. what im trying to say is, is it compulsory to live on base as Im still being trained?
  4. no i will try search tool, i always have a look, but there is thousands of posts. i just thought if someone could give me a quick answer and info is always changing, so i would no its the most up to date answer
  5. Ok found what I am looking for, from Brigham600 3 years ago:

    RA during Phase 2. Officially - NO. But what is stop someone going home when on 'night leave' It is pretty hard to enforce unless they are juniors when they are bed checked by the duty PO. If you do intend fudging it, just remember that if you are adrift or get caught, you will be well in the cacky poo. You will also find it difficult to get home every night as you will have plenty to keep you occupied whilst under training. My advice would be to stay on base as that will also enhance your ability to revise etc.

    Also worth mentioning that you will be allowed to wear civvies to scran each night except when you are duty.

    Another thing. Bear in mind that the massive locker and general space you will be allocated at Collingwood bears buggar all resemblance to what you will have when you join your first ship (even a flat top).
  6. I take it that with the new sensitive yet vigorous moderating on threads outside Lil's these comments will be binned?
  7. Blackrat

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    Yup. Sorted.

    The robust moderation policy is more active in the joining up thread, but is in place in the more serious parts of the site. Lil's is pretty much as it was.
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