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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by nicholas cousins, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi all

    I know this is probably the wrong section for this but i am after some information on the making inquirues into joining the canadian or new zealand navy, if anyone out there can help it would be extremely helpful

    Nick cousins
  2. Hi and Welcome to Rum Ration!

    It might be worth changing your log-in name to something which doesn't identify you and then editing your post too.
  3. As Sol says. I went for the canucks at one time and also enquired about the Oz and Kiwi's. Best bet is to contact their embassies in London, you'll need the military attache obviously.
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer


    Have you searched on Google? There used to be an initial joining enquiry form available on line for the kiwis.
  5. Navy News seems to run a large advert for the Kiwis in every edition.

  6. The Careers fairs and resettlement offices have for the past few years had attendees from the NZ Navy and Aus. There were only after specific rates and branches. A good place to start.
  7. Get a job in civvy street, you get to pay for presciptions, dentist, gym membership (apparently). Its great!!!!
  8. Yeah JFH lots of boring jobsworth cnuts as well, life is sweet in civvy street - not, fcuk I wish I was 15 again. but transfering to other navies has its own snags Aussies fcuking hate the Brits Canuks have shite kit - but if its easy money and not too many eastern European and Asian spongers your'e after go for it
  9. I'd be pissed off too if I was dumped on Convict Island.
  10. nicholas cousins is not my rael name, thaks to all, for all the information given, its all V. useful
  11. Stan I guess you must have been blown out by a good looking Aussie Sheila ha ha and we have more than a few.
    Matee 80% of Australians have British ancestry and love the brits ,not your government your cricket or rugby team though.
    OK mate home is where you hang your hat, Australia is the best country in the world for Matelots X or otherwise.
    Our Navy is presently recruiting at pay rates that would blow your cotton socks off, conditions unheard of in the R.N.
    A few EOs have transfered in the last few years they are as happy as Larry.
    Oh and we have some new Destroyers and Frigates on the slips for those of you that want to get some sea time in.
    No barack stanchions here mate.
    Best Matee
  12. Dear Stokes, I rather feel that you would still be pissed of if you entered a time warp and ended up two parts pissed between Celeste and Marie on their black satin sheets in the upstairs rooms of the Black Cat (Le Chat Noir ) in Allexandria, this could not happen in the modern Navy due to elf and safety and lack of sea time most like.

    Ok mate no more piss taking, very impressed by your branch badge what does it mean I am 50 years out of date with the Andrews badges.

    Best wishes
  13. Can't argue there mate few years ago both diesels on my T42 war canoe fcuked, alongsine in Garden Island had to stay for three weeks just sad that HMAS Adelaide had to sail and we ended up having to shag half the ships companies wives - including the grunters as you say matee shit happens.
  14. That ain't true Stan, we don't hate all the Brits,... just fuckin you.:laughing2:
  15. there is life after your life sentence

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