Life aboard...


I'm applying for Warfare Officer, however I'm having trouble finding any information about what actual life is like aboard. Thing's like:

How long are the shifts?

Are there libraries aboard?

A small gym?


Closet space?

Room service?


Does it get boring, all that sailing?

And finally what kind of places do you get to visit(how much of the world do you get to see)?

Appreciate any answers, cheers.
Well, it depends on ehat type of ship/boat you're serving.

1. Shifts (aka Watches) - varies greatly, could be 12 hours sometimes.

2. Some have small libraries with a few books

3. "Gyms" on the larger ships or bombers

4. Cabins for all on the new Type 45s (when we get them), but on others you will share, depending on your rank.

5. Space - limited on the smaller ships and boats, but a bit more on the larger ones.

6. Room Service - Not really, unless you're pretty senior!

7. Jacuzzi - dream on! Unless a shower counts :wink:

8. Boring? Sometimes. Enjoyable? Sometimes. Frustrating? Sometimes. Exciting? Sometimes. Basically, the whole range.

9. Places to see - once again, depends on what you're serving on.

I would recommend going to the Careers Office and having a chat with the staff. Ask to go on an acquaint visit for a few days when you'll have the chance to tour a ship and see the environment for yourself.

Best Wishes.


Not sure what it`s like for officers but for normal run of the mill ratings like me sometimes it`s a long wait before you actually go to sea I had to wait nearly a year before I went to sea.


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I've been out for a few years but you should enjoy the following as a warfare officer:

Shifts, no you pop into the ops room once in a while to check that your senior rates are not loafing, give an undeserved bollocking to keep the troops on their toes and then back to the wardroom for a couple of pink gins.

You will find the library situated in the junior rates heads. magazines are often stowed in unobtrusive places. They are usually associated with Female anatomy.

The gym is your bunk. Egyptian PT is optional.

Cabins, depends on ship type, however you will certainly be accommodated better than the JRs

Closet space. No need for closet space, Gays have been allowed to serve for many years and so the need for closets has vanished.

Room service. Depends on how much you pay your steward. Quality depends on his sexual orientation.

Jacuzzi- get the duty seaman to rig a splash pool, then tip the chef to feed 6 JRs mucho baked beans. Sit in splash pool with aforementioned JRs.

Boring Only if the first Lt. stops your bar.

Foreign trips? who knows.

I think really you would be advised to join the merchant marine if you really require the above. Perhaps you may find a cruise ship which requires a Whorefare Occifer


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A volunteer to be:
1 watch on stop on,
2 Education officer
3 SportO
4&5 Part of Ship officer (contract cleaning)
6 Jimmy's doggy
7 OOW for Hands to bathe (esp in Gulf of Corryvreckan)
8 Boats Officer
9 Liaison Officer in every foreign port

I think this prat, sorry, chap would be a useful addition to any wardroom!