Lieutenant Commander Arthur Edward Kitchener Green RNVR

Discussion in 'History' started by pjlee, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone have information on the naval career of Lieutenant Commander Arthur Edward Kitchener Green RNVR, he was the late father of a friend of mine and she has no information on his naval career during the Second World War. He was born on the 17th March 1912 or 1915.


  2. He should have been called Patrick.
  3. Has the lady applied for her late father's service record, Paul?
  4. Your friend doesn't know what year her father was born in? It's not that hard to find out...
  5. If you look at some of the copperplate script used on things like, duh, birth certificates, you'll find it is sometimes VERY difficult to read letters or numbers. I can never remember when my parents were born, obviously I know 'ish' but I have to think about it.
  6. Thanks all, this forum is excellent. Excuse my ignorance but could someone explain why he should have been called Patrick.

  7. Just as an aside, Paul, the gentleman may well have been listed in the Navy List, which is accessible via some libraries, however the wartime editions were heavily edited, so may not be a particularly useful source.

    The unedited wartime versions do exist, but the copies of them are held in hard copy at Kew.
  8. I'm interested in knowing that one as well.
  9. Edited because post below me actually has a good reason
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  10. Or 17th March being the feast day of the aforementioned sanctified person, if he ever existed.
  11. Senior Member LujonSA, I am an amateur researcher and I hope that we have a common purpose in that we keep the memory alive. Please explain your comment.

  12. The 17th of March (Lt Cdr Green's birthday) is St Patrick's Day.
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  13. Forgive me, I always book 23rd April off.

  14. he was my dad! born in 1915 died in 1987
  15. He was stationed at HMS St. Angelo Malta in 1945 as an Acting Lt with a seniority date 27 November 1942.
    In March 1942 he was stationed at Barry in Wales(HMS Lucifer).
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  16. I believe he was some sort of a poster boy during WW1. I always knew him as Lord but my memory's not what it was.
  17. hi

    thanks for that information, dont really no too much what my dad did !
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Hilary, Taffd was trying to be funny. Trying and failing.

    Keep your posts intelligent and relevant ladies and gentlemen. History is a serious forum.
  19. thanks, was unsure of last comment

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