Lie Detector Urgently Wanted

trelawney126 said:
Lie detectors are not required for politicians, if their lips are moving they are telling lies :twisted:
I watched PMQs yesterday & all Brown spouted was percentages, Brown said we have increased the number by 60% to which Cameron replied we have 30 helicopters in Afghanistan.
He said 12 Merlins will be there by chrimbo but need to be modded & crews trained.
When asked about the 8 duff chinooks that are still hangered, he said they were being worked on.

What gets me is noone has mentioned the age of the cabs in country, The Junglies are the same ones we had in the falklands & the lynx must be around the same age 25/30 years old.
I wonder how long the Mods would have taken when RNAY Fleetlands was in its heyday. I am assuming, of course, that all the parts are ready for issue and not sat as Dues In from a Contractor.
Brown has admitted that there are not enough Helos in gan.

At a commons committee meeting today, he refused to say how many there were saying "State Secret".

What a cnut, what is secret about it and how will it destroy this country if he said 1, 50 or 500.
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