Licenced Thievery

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. One of the Daily newspapers sums it up with the headline SHAMELESS.
  2. As a crown servant, my expense claims are subject to audit and inspection at any time. I have to keep my receipts for 2 years. I do not lie, cheat or steal and am quite happy with this situation.
    What makes them so f#####g special? Blood boiling and it's only 1151.....
  3. I think the time has come for Mr Speaker Marin to do the decent thing, and take his leave of the palce of westmister for good.
  4. So, when all these greedy cnuts are caught red handed defrauding the system, will they be charged? DNA samples taken? I think not. Some bullsh1t excuse will be made, the police wont want to take it further, etc etc etc. :pissedoff: Makes my blood boil. Bring on the revolution.
  5. In practice it is likely to amount to nothing more than an expensive delaying tactic; after all, what's £100K here and there?
  6. Which of course they don't have to earn, simply add to their expenses.

    One could live with the occasional bad penny in the bunch but Mr Speaker Martin is bringing the morality of the whole house into question.

    They should accept the lead from Holyrood where all expenses are published almost as the claim is made, any one with computer access can chack on any MSPs expenses which is just how the delighful MsAlexander is being hounded over expenses that seem to have been incurred during her leadership campaign.
  7. God forbid that MP's become answerable to us. They ONLY want our input every four years or so and between times they'd rather we shut up and continue to pay taxes like the great milch cow we are!

    What are they so twitchy about? Are they about to be caught with their sticky fingers in the cookie jar and desperately don't want to be brought to book!

    If some big cheese is about to be embarrassed big time then I wonder what little nugget of good news will suddenly appear to move the spotlight away from the porkers around the trough!

    Snuffle snuffle, oink oink.......SQUEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
  8. We lived in Rosyth for a while - I'm almost tempted to emigrate to the Kingdom when I retire!!
  9. Fat chance

    More than I ever had the chance to fiddle.
  10. Because they're afraid that the amounts they've been squirreling away are so much more than the normal punter earns pa might become public, and the punters just might begin to question the whole system. If they want to restore the public's trust in politicians, it has to happen. Personally, I'd like to see Old Bill given an unlimited hunting licence to examine ALL of them, with particular emphasis on Mr Martin, who seems to have invented a whole new meaning to the phrase "Snout in the trough". Simplistic ? Yes, but definitely REALISTIC.
  11. Well as some one who was born and bred and lived most of my life in Edinburgh, I certainly am not regretting my move to the Kingdom just along the coast from Rosyth at all.

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