Libya TV shows captured Dutch navy helicopter crew


Lantern Swinger
"Is this Iraq all over again?"

Looks like it. SAS unit, diplomat 'held' by Libya rebels
(AFP) – 2 hours ago LONDON — A Special Air Service (SAS) unit and a junior diplomat were being held by rebels in eastern Libya following a bungled mission to put the envoy in touch with them, The Sunday Times said."

A BBC reporter just said on the news "RN ships have been officially going alongside the dock in Benghazi to help refugees escape from Libya. If a diplomat wanted to contact rebels all he had to do was step ashore from the RN ship in Benghazi'. Yet these bunch of SAS plunkers have go and to make a total ass of themselves. Gaddifi and his buddies are laughing their butts off. Cameron who now thinks he is another Churchill now wants to send in more pongos. A spokeswoman from the MOD said. "The troops from the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, are ready for deployment at 24 hours' notice, WHAT A PLUNKER****

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