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GOING ROGUE: NATO’s War Crimes in Libya | Veterans Today

Report from Libya Tonight from two American women via Veterans Today website

Susan Lindauer

June 7, 2011 - 6:44 pm

Joanna Moriarty is one of the only Americans left in Tripoli. And
she’s highly observant sources, quick to pick up nuances. She says that
tonight, after Gadhaffi’s brief promise never to surrender the Libyan
people shot colorful fireworks into the skies above Tripoli. She said
people are driving in their cars, honking their horns— telling NATO they
will not be broken. This follows a day of near constant cluster bombing
and bunker bombing.

The yanks will probably pull out soon as they have told Obama to report to Congress as to why the US is involved. This is why they are bombing the shit out of Tripoli, during the day now, even though there is no fighting there.

Thoughts anybody? It's a long article I know but scary anyway.
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