Liberalism gone mad !

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by pie_man, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. This is so typical of the mentality of some people these days! A good friend of mine who serves at a base near High Wycombe informs me that personnel there have been told not to go into town in uniform. It was stated that they might offend some sectors of the community! I hate to say it, but when you hear about things like this happening at home I am glad we moved overseas on retirement.


    Mummm............Duff pie
  2. This is one that the bloody Journos SHOULD pick up on.

    I'd be interested to see just exactly who these sectors of the community are (as if I couldn't guess) and who cam up with the idea. Chances are that these sectors haven't actually complained at all.

    Someone needs their rear end kicking - regularly!!

  3. I can think of far more offensive things that they wouldn't ban... like the Lib Dems 8O

    Please forgive me, for I am new to this, but how can seeing someone in uniform be offensive. If it's just because some people don't like the thought of war (or a specific war more likely), then my original point definitely stands (without the smilie) as that is censorship because of some group's sensibilities.

    I would expand, but I'd be stating the obvious really...
  4. Good news Pie_man. Your good friend is full of shit.
    Rest assured that a serviceman can wear his uniform with pride anywhere in the UK er, except perhaps some parts of N. Ireland.
    And even there once that nice Mr. Blair finds the time to sort erm out.

  5. Concur. This IS bollocks. Of course you can go ashore in correct, smart rig. We are encouraged to do so.

    Personal security issues are a matter of personal choice.
  6. I used to live in High Wycombe and I never saw Crab Air ashore in rig.

    The population of High Wycombe consists of whites, asians and students (mixed). Who could on earth could they be causing offence to?
  7. I would like to clarify the situation. It wasn't the case that personnel were NOT allowed to shop in uniform, but rather they were discouraged from doing so!

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