Liam Fox on his uppers.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Flagdeck, Oct 6, 2013.

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  1. FFS! What's unusual about that? What else would you expect from a Jock?
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  2. Aye 'Many a mickle maks a muckle'. :)

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  3. That, "The Red Sailor", is hard to get hold of at a decent price.
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  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I predict another "auction". Give it a month or two when the Winter Fuel Allowance has been spent on Buckie and some illicit funds need to be generated... :thumbleft:
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  5. I expect my "mislaid" copy will be one of the items. :sad9:
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  6. 45p a mile??? Why do they get paid more than Service personnel? Granted, they're generally a bit fatter and therefore will use more fuel, but not that much!
  7. Why did he have to use a car for his 100yd journey, was the sedan chair off the road?.
  8. Glad he has enough gash time to record and claim every move he makes. He probably reports his weekly SCRANSTAT (just invented that) as well.
  9. Approved mileage allowance. Standard in civvy st. Pusser will see you off where ever it can.
  10. You can claim the difference back between what you claimed up to the 45p per mile... So if you got paid 30p pm, claim back the other 15p pm form the tax man... simples (yes it is legal)
  11. Only if you are in a job temporarily which they say means less than 2 years. Also only for routine commute not for medical, dental or training courses. So most of your GYH(M) if you are in a shore draft for 18 months. I've managed it once.

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  12. My info is based on you making a claim where you have used your own car on an "official job", not home to duties etc then you can legally claim back the difference. It has nothing to do with pusser, it is money you are entitled to, a lot of civvy companies don't pay the full 45p pm either, that's why you can claim the difference
  13. I get 45p if i am on a training course wahoooo. Although to do so i had to change my insurance from commuter and leisure (or whatever it is) to the one that includes business but worth it and all that.
  14. Yeah sorry I was giving the information for any of us still in the military. The only way they let us claim it is if its a temporary job less than 2 years.

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  15. No I don't think one of them is your mislaid copy, that one went over the side in a weighted canvas bag, the less copies there are the better, IMHO.
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