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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by icantfly, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know when this years' LH promotion board sits and the list is due out?
  2. Understand Board sitting has been slightly delayed (now 26 June) so signal should be out a few days after that. Good luck!
  3. Good luck to all future killicks - the LRCC is a great course. Hard work but very fulfilling on completion.

    Top tips:

    1. Be fit - turning up unfit will only cause you to struggle. There is dog watch sports most days which are designed to develop teamwork - don't get too disheartened if you don't win a game until week 2.

    2. Help each other out - some will be pinged for more than others.

    3. Enjoy it. Oh and did I mention, be fit!!
  4. Fit enough to pass RNRFT or fitter?
  5. Fitter. You can comfortably get through the run but you have to be seen to be giving maximum effort throughout the course.

    The PTI was excellent and though he was quite disappointed with the standard of fitness with most people, he was very encouraging and worked us well. My own fitness levels were good for the RNFT (2.4k run) on day 1 but I struggled with the upper body work outs throughout the rest of the fortnight.

    I know I came back fitter as our CPO(M) commented that I had lost weight.

    Remember - pain is weakness leaving the body :)
  6. How did the 3 mile squad run work out, matey? Did you have to run as a squad, and at the speed of the slowest person? Or was it just a free-for-all?
  7. The three mile squad run starts out at a paced deemed suitable by the PTI who leads it. You're encouraged to stick together.

    As people start to drop behind though the pace continues and the PTI normally gets faster and faster.

    I don't think dropping behind is a problem so long as you're giving it your best effort and you only stop if you are unconscious.

    At the end of the day, it's only three miles. I do have long legs though. :biggrin:
  8. Looks like the signal is out for promotions to Leading Hand..anyone any news..!

    Also anyone know when we can expect the signal for PO.

  9. LH-PO came out today
  10. Don't know how many are getting LH, but nobody from Forward is on the list.

  11. I have a major drip about the promotion board, not for my self but others following me.

    I have some great AB's in my branch and some not so great ones, and yet, on the strength of a totally fictitious report, an AB, who has had most of the holiday cruises, never done a proper exercise or deployment at sea and cannot do guard, committee or other whole unit events is promoted over others who have been in a lot longer, have all the ticks in the box and are a lot more use to the unit, MCO or on the bridge. All of my suggestions to the management were totally ignored!

    Two slots for promotion to killick CIS, what on earth is that about? We've got so many waiting in the winds for their hook and the last couple of times they have promoted the unworthy, yet again on fictitious reports!

    Where is the justice and the capability to retain the good ones when they're crapped on with a stagnant and random promotion system.

    LRCC is a doddle, I am not the fittest in the world but still managed to whoop the regular RN lads I was on course with. I've heard now that it's a 3 week course for the RN and 2 weeks for the RNR, from the reports I've been hearing the RNR one is a mockery, with people incapable of attending the course from day one being retained to the end!

    If you don't like what I'm saying come out to BFPO 632, where I am mobilised for the second time in my career!
  12. Why?
  13. I think you might be being a bit unfair on the new LRCC (or I think they have gone back to calling it LRLC). The first of the new ones was only about 3 weeks ago and if you have had any feedback from attendees (as I have) then you will hear that it is pretty exhausting. It would be good for a recent attendee from your unit to give you a debrief but, for a start, ALL attendees were expected to complete the 2.4 km run regardless of age. Same applies to POLC as far as I understand. Completely take your point about the quality of some RORRS reports resulting in other than the best being promoted - the message to all ABs (well everyone actually) is to take an interest in your report from an early stage and make sure your reporting officer does you justice. If you are not happy then you should certainly pass the matter up the chain rather than accept something that does not properly reflect your efforts.
  14. We made this point last month to the visiting Div team. We've got several killicks who should have made PO - none did - and several AB's who have been in for over a decade, have done deployments etc, and still can't get promoted.

    Apparently the Logs LH billets are full, and I'm sitting here watching Logs AB's transfer into AWFP and others just leave. Fair enough, they can't have 100 LH's and 10 AB's, but I was told the other week that if I were in the Regs, I would have made PO by now. Instead, I've got 12 years in and am still only an AB.

    Getting a little sick of it really. I've decided to give it until the end of the current bounty year, and if nothing is done or offered, I'm off to the RAuxAF for a while.
  15. The LRCC had softened when I was on it, they offer a second chance monday, we had 2 RN people who couldn't even achieve that and were canned off the course. It's meant to be tough for a reason, but the one person I am thinking of did the "I can't do it Chief", flutter, flutter and sat around whilst all the rest did the work, really non-productive for the rest of the team.

    On my RNR SRCC, we had a chief who was 55 and still did the mile and a half instead of the rockport walk, if you're a member of the forces you can and should achieve the standard. It's all in the pre-joining forms to achieve!

    Don't hate the player, hate the game!
  16. I know four very fit and more than capable AB's who've just completed the LRCC and every one has commented how hard it was. The same people have also commented how good it was.

    Yes there where people on the course who couldn't dress themselves or tell the time but most of them pulled together and only one person was RTU'd.

    Apparently the course officer kept calling the PO's and the senior rates had to keep reminding him they were actually potential killicks and to ease up on them a little as he was going a bit OTT.
  17. The 2 week RNR LRLC is the same course that the RN do over 3 weeks (with the exception of a few lectures on report writing and other things that weren't exactly relevant to us part timers). Whilst the RN course were getting an hour for lunch, securing at 16:00 and getting weekends off, we had to stuff scran down our throats in 10 minutes, were working till the wee small hours every night and getting 3-4 hours gonk at most. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the RN course because I think they are both equally hard. The RN guys did way more fizz than we did, and hats off to them there wasn't a glimmer of "them and us" from anyone.
    My only observation is that some people didn't run the 2.4km run due to injury. I was under the impression - actually I was TOLD - that you do the run on the first morning of the course, and you PASS it, or you'll be RTU'd.
    I would concur with Trehorn's comments though. The course was VERY hard work, but it was also the most enjoyable course I have ever done.
  18. Rumour has it that you didnt have to do your 4.3km squad run on the course...easy days...lol!!!
  19. I know mate. Couldn't believe it. Trained for about 4 months to get ready for that, too!
  20. Apparently they did a 20 mile squad march with full bergan though.

    Not sure if thats standard or not.

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