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Hell All,

Off to Gibraltar later this year, anyone got any (constructive) tips on moving out with my family. ie Take my own car or buy out there? Mobile Contracts? Best Quarters? Things that you can't get and really miss?

Thanks for any help!
Beware shipmate, I was there middle of last year (on a ship) and its gone very expensive for lots of things. The Morrisons supermarket prices were a joke!

I was out there in 2000-2001 as a singly living in 4 corners camp. The cheapest way to buy food was to go over the boarder and use the spainish supermarkets especially for meat and day to day things, clothing was also cheaper over the boarder.The other good thing over the boarder is eating out chinese etc. From what I believe most of the most of the married quarters are now out at Europa point, when I was out there they opened a new families club there with fast food, good bar and an electronic bowling alley. Food shopping on the Rock can be expensive but if you want English style food then you can get most of the labels from home. I took my car out to Gibraltar with all my belongings in, but as soon as you arrive you have to pay a bond based on the value of your car, to make sure you take it off the rock when you go. They will also make you MOT, change registration, insure and tax it. They all want there payments. I looked into buying a tax free car, but it wasn't really worth it for me. It maybe for you as you will be out there alot longer. The Gibbos/Spainish don't treat there cars very well, so expect to get dints/scraps form parking etc. I didn't use my mobile in Gib, I had both a service and personal phone in my cabin. I used an account through the military for most of my calls the the land line for my internet connection through Gibnet.

I hope this helps in someway, but I'm sure you might get someone who is a little more up to date than me.

Enjoy the rock, Book yourself into the sailing centre early for the sailing/boat driving courses. If you want to get a motor bike licence then doing it in GIB was fairly cheap.


Neil - Supermario

Lamri said:
Beware shipmate, I was there middle of last year (on a ship) and its gone very expensive for lots of things. The Morrisons supermarket prices were a joke!

Those of us that live in Southern Spain just LOVE going to Gib and especially Morrison's for all the cheap Brit stuff! That and the dirt cheap fuel! Er indoors gets a fix of M&S, Next, BHS etc. Me? I want B&Q to open a superstore there! But in general, it is not the same as it was years ago. It is now just a tourist trap for all the cruise ships that come in daily.

I left there in July last year having had a fantastic 3 years out there with the family.
As most have said, the prices have shot up and the armed forces are not as 'popular' as we used to be out there. We took our own car there but make sure you apply for 'own way passage' to do so prior to travelling. The MQ are ok, the biggest estate is europa which are 2-3 bed houses or trafalgar heights which are flats just up the road. Traf heights is where we lived and the flats are ok but you have a communial garden. MQ staff not overly helpful, sometimes there is a shortage and they ask you to come as a single until a MQ is available. GET IN EARLY either yourself or make contact with where you are going to work and get your sponsor to do it. Bishops move usually move you out there and it takes 2-3 weeks to get your stuff. the earlier you get rid in UK the sooner you get your stuff. If you want any more info then private message me. Finally......be prepared for a 'we'll do it tomorrow' attitude of the MOD locals and make the most of Spain and Portugal like we did....I would go out there again like a shot.
Can't offer any up to date info but when I was there, 90 -93, it was a top draft. As SmellyTed says make the most of whats over the boarder.
I was there in 2000-2002 at MDC Rosia and Windy Hill. Went out married accompanied and it was the best years of my life. We bucked the trend and our marriage got stronger. Had our second child out there and eldest absolutely loved it. St Christophers is a top school for the kids.
Did the pissing up thing the first few months but that soon got boring. Got fit and social life was still brills. Europa Point is an absolutely brilliant MQ area. Dont take a car as it will get trashed. Buy a Gib runner out there. The standards of rock runners have improved.
My one thing to say is get out and visit all over Spain, get off the rock, especially in the Summer and see Spain Morocco, else Gib can get a bit claustrophobic.
Good luck m8
Hi There
Although it was some 22 years when I was out there as a single I have had a couple of re visits. Looking at the comments they are very much the Buzz/ La Linea across the border is the Market to go for, especially for the Veg ect A rock runner would be best and 2 hours over the Border and you have the delights of Places Like Porta Banus and Onward .Out there you will find loads of ex pats for a good chat and a few Jars I loved Gib and the Locals were very much a Kin with us but as time goes on I do not suppose you can always turn back the Clock. Make sure you prep and send early so that you can settle in I dont know what ships company are like there theses days but in our days you arrived on your own but after you completed your draft you were sent off in great style The ammount of Freinds who would come to the Airport was Memeorable and Tearful As for run outs then the Horseshoe(donkeys Flip Flop)Club 21,The Angry Frier(Mad Monk) The Royal Oak Captains Cabin Prince of Wales Coach and Horses and not forgetting Irish Town (Presume some are still there) Go up the Rock (Run if you can) watch the apes and if you are comms then you should qualify to be a Fraggle (they lived in a Rock.) St Michaels Cave is Classic Night Time Entertainment and dont forget the Tappas. Well enough said I could mention more but you and your family no doubt will have gret fun in Exploring Good Luck Shipers!!!!!
Pretty much what Supermario stated is good information and your sponsor should have sent you something

i was there from 2001 - 2003 and its has been the best draft i've had by a country mile - my information may also be a little out of date

if you have children there is a good chance you will be heading upto Europa point, bigger houses, better scenery and pretty quiet

but you could end up at Chilton Court, i was there but in all honesty its not great for kids, school is pretty close by as are all the shops and Rooke but the massive rock makes the air awful and stuffy which isnt great and kids and they can develop Asthma because of all the moisture

I lived in Chilton court for 30 months and it was lovely everything is more or less on your doorstep

the rates then were cheap, but you will pay council tax (Ciclot) which will be the appropriate price you would pay in the UK, i didnt understand it - but you have to pay it

LOA is all depending on rate and the amount of children you have, but back in 2001 i was getting just under £8 a day for me (As an AB) and my missus

you will see lavantar for yourself and its quite impressive (the rock is porous so it creates its own little cloud)

I would take your own car with you if its old and you dont intend to renew it as Gibraltar drivers are just mental - my wife passed her test out there and even on the UK roads hela poja (spelling) is shouted at all other drivers. Taking your own car over can create a minefield as the border staff can charge you a bond to take the car into Gibraltar and its normally 25% of what they believe your car is worth and its generally non refundable, but there are loads of nice little 'rock runners' in Gibraltar to get you around - we had a lovely Citreon AX and it was smashing

They've now got Broadband which saves a ton of cash, My dial up and phone monthly charge was £95 when i was there, apparently its much cheaper now, but the wife got a spanish pay as you go mobile just incase of any problems - but we never used it

As somebody stated Morrisons is expensive, but this is because everything is imported, the most expensive is the fruit, but you can nip across the border and visit La Linea markets or go to the local Carrefor (Supermarket)

but Morrisons have deals on fuel when you spend X amount in store and generally its only 60p a litre (40p when i was there)

Cigarettes and Alcohol are dirt cheap - Jewelery is also pretty good

DVD's and electronics are pricey however, but when i was there i just used eBay and UK retailers to post stuff out to me

I would tell you though, make the most of your time and get to visit everywhere in lower Spain (Andalucia) and try Morocco in Summer

tis very beautiful

I was there for a holiday visiting friends last summer and there have been alot of changes, there is now a bowling alley built into the rock near the Natwest bank/rooke but the border queue is still a nightmare and that will always be a nightmare

my wife got a job with RBS Gibraltar and we were classed as DINKS

(Double Income No Kids) :)

i even took part in the Gibraltar field gun crew and ran with them, doing the rock race with a gun and limber is not nice i will tell you

enjoy yourself pal, if i got a job there as a PO now i would be doing a wee dance
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