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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wave_dodger, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    No seriously....


    He has single handedly encapsulated everything that is wrong with the world:

    More than any other single thing, the Eurofighter is the cause of the terrible financial paralysis now gripping our armed forces. More than any other single thing, the Eurofighter is the reason why our fighting men and women overseas don't have the helicopters and transport planes they need, and why they get paid so abysmally badly Taken from The Register

    Actually I am joking..........................

    Lewis Page - throbber extraordinare. I wasted valuable moments of my lunch break browsing this "lower than The Sun" excuse for journalism.

    Some of his articles are simply retarded - a classic is the combat ID article where, with his might of warfare experience, he extolls the (lack of) virtues of dismounted bowman.

    Funny that, given that all the TacComms people sitting around me thinks it the best thing since sliced bread, and Mr Page neglects to mention the current in use BFT (HeATs, GRaTS) - perhaps its because he doesn't know a damn thing and uses a thin veneer of facts to fabricate his pointless drivel.

    How can someone earn a living spouting such tosh? At least we know we no longer have to worry what Ex-Junior Warfare Officers can do if they leave, there is either MacDonalds or The Register. Clearly MacD's was too arduous for our Mr Page.
  2. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Hear hear. Man is a danger to the service with his ill informed writting, leading to incorrect media reports which do nothing to help Defence.

    You know people take him seriously.
  3. Correction: People with little knowledge of Defence matters take him seriously. Sadly, that includes much of the mass media and general public. This admittedly articulate so-called 'Defence expert' who pontificates about strategic affairs has never risen above Lt RN, commanded a ship or major unit, attended a staff course, had a staff job or worked in defence procurement. However, in his own way he has managed to slur the Royal Navy's case as much as its more rabid opponents, Max Hastings and Gen Sir Richard Dannatt (CGS).
  4. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    What he said.
  5. Lewis Page-junior Lt who wanted to spend his naval career mincing round as a MCDO, was a danger to the RN during his dogwatch of service.
    Always has been a throbber
  6. He is a problem, if you don't know how ill informed he is, then it is very easy to believe the crap he spouts (Didn't realise at first how full of crap till I did some reading here and elsewhere)
    Some things he says make sort of sense (in the way a delusional psychotic occasionally makes sense), majority he writes is just utter tosh though.
  7. I used to read his articles in the Register, took them with a pinch of salt. But in one article he suggesr we buy two Nimitz class carriers of the Yanks instead of building our own two carriers. How wrong on so many levels is that as an argument?
  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    There is a reason why my ARRSE quote is "Friends don't let friends quote Lewis Page" :)
  9. I got halfway through and got bored of this sh*te
  10. infinite levels, though a beancounter short term friendly concept, proven design and all the crap that they spout, forgetting about the costs of the other 3700 crew which would be needed to staff a nimitz class carrier, the cost to build a nuclear surface ship servicing facility etc.

    Though I have felt for a while that common sense (now there would be a surprise) would be to only buy navalised fast jets so that you have a large pool of aircraft that can rapidly be allocated in the event of another Falklands situation for example, coupled with a bigger range of training for fast jet pilots. Plus perhaps making the case for a third and fourth carrier, power projection reasoning etc. Plus couple that with large levels of ground forces which could be amphibiously deployed, by training relevant army units for example. I reckon that would give us a pretty useful bit of military clout, deployable to pretty much anywhere and all of it sovereign UK territory.

    I would have been impressed by the unusual implementation of common sense if the government had navalised the Typhoon order and set up the carriers for catapult launches to start with, thus giving the RAF and the RN what they wanted in exchange for small concessions for both, RAF - operate from RN carriers as needed, RN - put up with Air Force pilots as the need arises. Plus also secure British jobs (and some European jobs too), retain knowledge in the UK and keep money flowing through the economy

    However that would take a lot to arrange, partly due to deep seated traditional inter service rivalry.

    My wife (overseas born, no military interest) made a very good point the other day....."Britain is a fcuking island, surely we should have a decent sized Navy, before the Air Force and Army?!?!?"

    sadly if only. Instead we get money haemorrhaged on drug abusers, teenage mothers (who are breaking the law by being pregnant, so why reward them with benefits??) and other do nothing spongers.

    Ugh rant over

  11. Why does everyone think that navalising Typhoon is a good idea?

    FA/18's, F35C's, Rafale's are much cheaper options than taking a fighter that has not been designed with carrier ops at all in mind and bodging it into one that can. Sure Seafire worked but this isn't 1943 things are a little bit more complicated.
  12. Rafale would be a good option, but its French so UK.plc will never buy it.
    I was thinking in terms of ways to keep money within UK manufacturing, so navalising the Typhoon to start with would have made sense, common fast jet for the RAF and RN, but then it might never have turned up...took long enough for the current versions to appear.
    Though personally if I was UK.gov, I would just have bought the F/A 18E/F as the initial aircraft for the CVF (and stepped up the build speed for the CVF to get them in say 2012 / 2013 rather than 2016 or 2018) and made the F35 the second aircraft it operated once they were slightly older and cheaper. I just see the F35B as being full of risk currently and potentially under performing in terms of bring back ability compared to the C variant or even the F/A 18.

    Then again if we had a larger amount of personnel it might have made sense to have collaborated with the Americans on the new Gerald Ford carrier they are designing to replace Nimitz, commonality with allies, but at the cost of loss of design know how and shipbuilding capacity within the UK.

    Its just frustrating to see what was once the premier Navy in the world in terms of size and capability stripped back to the bare bones due to 30+ years of cuts, cuts and more cuts.
  13. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Why would we want to buy Nimitz - a class of ship so big, there is nowhere in the UK where we can dock it?
  14. I heard one was due to dock at Rosyth a few years back, but it was too tall to fit beneath the Forth Rail Bridge so they had to use launches to ferry personnel ashore
  15. Wave dodger Ive not read the article but if he says bowman is pants in the dismounted role , then he is spot on. It's a load of crap. Bring back clansman. Your techie mate is mistaken buddy.
  16. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's not my area of expertise but the LLM team and 3CdoX who I work with closely rate it, can't say more than that. I'm using it for some C2 experiments for ships and I like it for that.

    Why do you thinks it pants?
  17. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    As someone who has used it in the Maritime it is a very good piece of kit. Too many people have jumped on the band waggon of it's crap cos that's what some squadie told me.

    It has its faults but then so does most things (except me as I am perfect). In the Maritime it does not get used properly and until PWO's start gripping it and using it as a force multiplier then it will sit there unloved. I came from an LPD and there is was vital - we had a PO(CIS) who took time to understand it and became an expert - better than some Army/RM Yeoman of Signals I would say.

    Clansman is rubbish - I know I suffered it for years - and BOWMAN is a step change. The problem is too many Army people saw BOWMAN as a replacement for Clansman. It is not that. It was a complete change to the way the Army had to work. For us Navy lot less of a change as we had been working Data Networks for decades. BOWMAN - when used properly - is a good piece of kit that delivers. The one area that needs looking at is batteries - in fact across the board too much kit is bought where power supply is poorly thought out.
  18. Thanks Wave Dodger & Guns. How refreshing to have people with current knowledge and a bit of 'nous' dispelling yet another widely-held myth. It always surprised me in JFHQs how often the pongoes and crabs relied on naval comms to get their messages out, e.g. "Can you send one of your 'signal thingies', please?" As for our data links, data recording and displays... they knocked the Army's 'electronic bird tables' into a cocked hat. Best not to go into too much detail here but I'm glad to hear how much things have improved.
  19. Getting this post back on track, it is refreshing to note that Page's lack of credibility extends to the RN.

    He is without doubt, the most partial and least well informed defence 'commentator' around today whose grasp of Defence matters is reflected in his strong support for a Trident replacement yet ardent opposition to the MRA4 (or seemingly justification for any MPA) Project. His articles are littered with factual errors and, as already mentioned, is sub 'Daily Star' journalism. To cap it all, he comes across as a bit of a Walt and his claim that membership of a University Air Sqn qualifies him in any way as having 'served' in the RAF is akin to an Air Cadet expecting a DFC for attending annual camp. :roll:

    Thankfully, he doesn’t interview well and comes across as a mumbling buffoon (even Mrs Mushroom commentated on that). Therefore, he doesn’t seem to get asked to contribute often on TV.

    Interestingly, I have my suspicions that LP contributes to RR!


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