Lewis Hamilton

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by lamptramp63, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Just heard on R2 that Lewis Hamilton gets so much attention that he cant even use the toilet in service stations without autograph hunters and that he is going to quit the UK to live in Switzerland. Is this another case of "celebrities" migrating to avoid Income Tax and N.I.?
    He is obviously too good to live amongst us mere mortals who pay our dues to the country that fed /watered and educated us!
  2. Rubbish he said he wants to stay close to his roots and family, read his book its called my story. God know how he has wrote a book already but its out there.
  3. Well, he's off to land of clocks and chocolate and I for one don't blame him one bit. If I had the money, i'd be off in flash too :)
  4. Do you believe everything you see in the media?
  5. Not always but it is the BBC and the web page is in colour so--- Yes
  6. Tax evading prick.
  7. Perhaps all his friends and family will be moving across with him.
    As for the crystal clear air in Switzerland I am not so sure:
    On a recent visit we were leaving the hotel in Geneva, the doorman asked 'Are you looking for a prostitute'. On getting a negative answer he said 'Well turn left not right'. So much for the sqeaky clean image! And the train was late!!
  8. Why?

    Do you not think that we pay too much tax?
    At least he's leaving the country, that has a pinch of honesty about it, unlike the super rich that stay here yet pay next to feckall tax because of knowing all the loopholes, or at least having an accountant that knows them.
    Good luck to him I say :)
  9. If he wanted to evade taxes he could go to the isle of man
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tough call there, IoM or Switzerland?? I watched the ITN news very closely and I'm pretty certain Hamilton said he was moving to Switzerland, couldn't see any sign that it was a voice over.
  11. Its a problem for him to have a "normal" life here , fair enough.
    On a run ashore in London my mates and I came across "Carl King" from Emerdale having a quiet pint in the "Duke of Argyle" in Soho and no one was bothering him. One of the lads went to say hello, that was the start,after that the poor b*gger couldn`t go for a piss without some one wanting an autograph or trying to take his photo, end of his quiet run ashore. It aint show time all the time give em a break or at least a chance to piss in peace.
  12. Where? I suppose it is the only place in the vicinity with the common sense not to have a speed limit; that boy needs more practice with his cornering line!
  13. You got the name wrong, it's not Lewis, it's Loise.
  14. There are less taxes on the IOM and the TT and no speed limit on the mountain is an increased bonus.
  15. If he went to the IoM he would witness real racers puting there lives on the line (+ the annual sacrifice of wannabees) no run off areas.gravel traps but solid walls ,trees and houses to collide with when making an error.
  16. I don't blame him, I know what it is like.

    Upon winning the 1993 matelot shuffle dance off at the Daedalus bop, I was hounded for days by the girls of Lee and surrounding villages.
  17. Exactly an error. No chance to go around again for a second go!
  18. Why are they anymore “real racers†than other racers from other more safety conscious formula?

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