Level of math required for AET?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by CDW22, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. People are probably sick of idiots like me posting things that have already been discussed but i suppose each case is different!

    Im just trying to get a grasp on the level of math required when joining as an AET, i passed my RT and got a C at gcse level but is it worth doing some intense revision before training?

    again, i apologies to the old timers who have seen posts like this a million times over.
  2. As an old and bold ex matelot of the electrical branch persuasion unless things have changed the maths at entry level will, not be too much of a challenge.
    However as you progress to LH the mathematics becomes far more difficult.
    As LH are now fully supervisory in the FAA I guess that the maths would have increased in difficulty since my time.
    Have a look at these posts which include the questions you need answers for.

  3. thanks for the reply, i think as i wish to push on as much as i can hitting the books cant hurt i suppose!
  4. Being able to count is always an advantage. In the UK we have more than one math. :)
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  5. I dont know what the precise content of your course will be (when/if you get there) but it will be broadly to GCSE level or BTEC ONC/OND level (some at HNC) for Electrical and mechanical engineering science. Once you get the course material you will know what the level is and what to brush up on. Eventually you will need differentiation, integration, vectors etc to understand things like motors, generators, signal processing, RF, control engineering. But dont worry, there'll be plenty of opportunity to swot up instead of going to the bop.

    If you want to make upper stream, UY or go to university, you could get a copy of

    This would get you through yrs 1 and 2 of most numerate degrees at accredited universities, it the course book for a lot of institutions. Its massive overkill for what you need, but reach for the stars....
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  6. I would expand P-o-L's post. Able to count without having to remove shoes and socks!!!! (Advanced level sums!!!).
  7. Does anyone else have the urge to murder people for using the term math?
    Or is that just me?
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  8. Personally, I just want to slap them.
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  9. probably just you mate
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  10. Oh no it isn't!
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  11. I think the hardest maths I did as an AEM ( outside training) was trying to add up 3 sea king fuel gauges all moving independently trying to get a total!

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  12. Ok it was a rhetorical question. Its ******* maths.
  13. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Just fill it up and if you go over the required load press the test button. As the gauges drop turn the battery off at the required level.
    Certainly worked for me as those gauges are all over the place at sea when the ship is rolling.

    A C grade at maths is required before you can be promoted to PO so you should be okay.

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