Level of commitment required/tie in with civvy job?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Glasgow08, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum and wrote this on another one so hope you don't mind my blatant laziness in copying and pasting it here...!

    I'll get in touch when I move to Aberdeen, just keen for any heads up before I go. I guess in Aberdeen I might not be the only one in that situation either. Thanks for any thoughts guys.

  2. Hi there Glasgow08 and welcome to RR.
    You would need to attend as much training as possible to be able to pass out within 18 months, that's about the average length of time required from go to whoa, the more you can attend the faster you'll get through.
    Go along to one of the Units Parade nights and have a chat or go along to your local AFCO for a talk with one of their Recruiters.
    It might be best to wait a few months so that you have a good idea of your work routine, so you can then explain your situation to those you speak to with some detail.
    Best of luck and keep us informed of your progress.
  3. If you're joining aberdeen det be prepared to be turbo shiters on a regular basis. They do love a good run ashore up there (so they tell me).
  4. turbo shiters ? We merely like to relax over a few sociable shandy's. Only occasionally venturing to the casino and perhaps a lap dancing establishment, always being careful not to get pussy trapped and cajoled into blowing 300 quid. Come along on a thursday and all questions will be answered.
  5. I hear the level of Englishness up Aberdeen way is too much to contemplate leaving your reg job for
  6. That was the best £300 I ever spent mate. :hump:
  7. haha good banter :D

    Thanks for the welcome NZ_Bootneck, I'm not long back from holiday and have managed to miss this weekend's Scotland intake (maybe just as well as I'm still suffering the effects of several days at the Oktoberfest :w00t: ) so I'll have to wait till the next one in May. Probably also a good thing so, like you said, I know more about whats going on with my regular job requirements.

    Have had some emails regarding it so I know who to speak to now and reckon I can start attending drill nights when I finally get to Aberdeen next month. A bit disappointed as was keen to get going but can't be helped, I guess I can still gain a lot from drill nights even if I haven't been on selection??

    Cheers for the heads up guys :)

    (oh and good luck if you're doing Scottish intake this weekend!)

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