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Hi guys, (and girls of course)

I'm hoping that, as usual, you'll all be able to provide me with the answers to the following questions. Any help will, as always, be gratefully appreciated.

We're trying to let our property while we move into MQ's at my coming place of duty. We've been registered with a letting agent for about a month now yet have only had one viewing. The rent asked is pretty low, the house is 3 bedroom in a nice village so we don't see what the problem is. Are people just not renting? Does anyone think that the letting agency might just be slacking and need a kick up the arrse?

Also, is it ok to advertise your property through more than just the one letting agent?

Any help appreciated....thanks in advance.
Sorry to hear about your plight. Unfortunately the rental market is a bit flooded at the moment but giving your agent a kick is worth a go.
You can advertise with more than one agency no probs'.
Here are a couple of sites that I can recommend as I have used both in the past, they should also give you an idea of what rents are being demanded at the moment.
Good luck.


Don't rent it out to matelots, let mine out to two feckers in Newcastle while I was out in Gib they both ended up shagging the female neighbours either side both hubbies blamed me.
Talking to a guy over here few months back who went working in Israel and met his future wife down there and decided to stop for a while.

He rented his place in Ireland out to a plumber and a another. He came back home and decided to take a look at his property. The living room carpet was ruined on making enquiries they both stated that the radiator had been dripping for a few months hence the ruined carpet. So the guy was a plumber and would not tighten up the dripping pipe which we all know is just a slight turn at times.

Needless to say he evicted them both!

Rent out to friends or family? Can I pay you double next month!

In certain areas the council will take over your property. In Dublin they have a quota once filled that is it!
I can only speak for the Fareham/Gosport/Waterlooville market, but renting was the only thing keeping certain estate agents afloat.

Perhaps it is different in your neck of the woods though.
rosinacarley said:
I can only speak for the Fareham/Gosport/Waterlooville market, but renting was the only thing keeping certain estate agents afloat.

Perhaps it is different in your neck of the woods though.
Aw shucks! I only visited this thread because of the title and RC..... there was me thinking that Rosie was offering to rent out the PO Stoker..... :twisted:
I would recommend approaching Coucils,housing associations or Charitys
,benefits being there is a here there is a great shortage of Social housing,you have a fixed term contract and the organisation takes full responsibility,the market rent is generally in line with the Market. if you have any specefic questions feel free to im me
rent thru a rental agency that inspects the property every 2 months and gives you a written report. We had 3 rentals in Sarfsea for 10 yrs as we are here in Floriduh now, never had 1 prob. 12.5% fees easy money
Not sure if its all UK but my son had a flat for rent and he had to sign up on the coooncils Landlord Register and get lots of safety certificates etc.
Also the furniture has to be verified as safe etc etc.
If you let it furnished then its all the more chance it will get damaged
and you are responsible for repairs .

If you still have a mortguage on it -tell the bank /building society because its ceased to become your prime residence !

get a good house letter -- fees vary and so do services ! get their prospectus and others for comparisons .

:nemo: :nemo:
Couple of things.

Firstly, it's fine to advertise with more than one agent and unlike sales won't cost you any more. Secondly, the reason a house doesn't let in this very positive lettings market is either price or the decor. o_O Only partly joking about the decor, it needs to be neutral throughout, a "delightful" shade of magnolia, your competition will be.

The link below should help if you decided to go the private route. I forgot to say in the advice that you must get the property professionally cleaned before whether through an agent or done privately.


Greenie, I'm guessing your son's flat is in Scotland? No need to register if the flat is in England, although it won't be long before it happens here too!

It's not difficult to do it privately but less hassle if done through an agent.

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