Letter from a Medic's mum to Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by HarryBosch, Jul 20, 2007.

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    A spokeswoman for the MOD says, "The medics do a wonderful job and they tell us they have all the euipment they need to their job". Okay, I made that up but ten-to-one that's what the reply will look like.
  2. A bit off topic but the RNRs medical branch (mainly QARNNS(R) nurses now since they made the pure medics redundant a couple of years ago) have been told the are surplus to requirements.

    How can that make sense?
  3. That last sentence pretty much sums it up, but unfortunately Harry, this Medic's mum would get more of a response if she sent it to a "news"paper such as the Sun. The government will bury it under a pile of the usual political bullshit, whereas at least the Sun, for all its faults (and they are numerous), will shout and moan long and loud until it is answered for.

    I would say "a sorry state of affairs" or something like that. But it isn't any more, its the norm. And its not just Medics either, its across the board on all three services mate.
  4. Lamri, True.

    Phil, I don't understand it either especially as there is supposed to be an overall shortage of medical staff across all areas of active operations. It wouldn't take much to put those nurses through side arms training, issue them with desert uniforms and have them working in Iraq and Afghanistan, or are they already doing that?
  5. Nope last generally used as part of Telic, 2003. They include NHS trauma nurses that have been in the RNR for many years, now told their training days will be cut so they get less training less money (and bounty) very demotivating for them and I can't imagine it helps our operational effectiveness.

    The justification is "no peacetime role" as they have taken away their responsibilty to be the sickbay and do medicals for reservists, the navy preferring that we clog up NHS GPs surgeries to get our shots and signed off as fit for courses.

    You are right, we have many (over 100) people left that could be deployed to theatre as medics but we don't on grounds of cost, as I can see no other reason why we would not.

    The change will result in many of these good people leaving the RNR and the navy seems indifferent to this outcome, claiming we have a recruitment problem not a retention problem.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ironic that the current waiting time to join as an RN Medical Assistant is 20 months, not because the courses are full, but because there are so few intakes.
  7. I had a look at the RMR website with a view to getting myself back in and making a contribution as a medic. For the life of me the only information i could find was that the regs now have their own MA's and the Reservists dont even have the old FA's courses. Surely to god the reserve forces could utilise people with medical skills such as myself better??
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    My mate is an ex-Wren (Ops Dept) and is now an NHS Sister. Joined the TA as a medic, then went for a commission ('cos of her medical degree) and is soon to me a TA Nursing Officer. Her Unit is soon to deploy to 'Ghaners. Perhaps try that route back into the Service?
  9. The decision to place all Medics on List 4 (as there was no peacetime requirement) has now been suspended. Apparently the left hand did something which the (more senior) right hand didn't know about. The rumour is it will be cancelled totally.

    JPA may be the saviour here as apparently it can't handle switching of Lists mid-year!!
  10. Passing a basic first aid course as bootie. Guts supplied from local abbatoir which made for an intersting course.

    This brought me later in life to team leader on first aid response team.

    I can only relate to the civvy way of thinking when told I was no longer required as shift occupational first aider by personnel woman/officer due to the fact we have now gone private[electric board] and we have to look at the expense. So you are no longer on the next course to renew certificate. We have plenty of first aiders on site!!

    A quick ring to inform top man that from Monday night you have no first aid cover on shift due to the fact all your first aiders are on day shift.

    I was back on the course pronto when H&S was to be informed.

    The question that I always look at is the law states that for per head you need x number of first aid trained personnel. And only one if low figures!

    So what happens if first aid man is injured or needs treatment!!

    Same in forces alloted so many per head no doubt but what if the medic goes down?? No health and safety to help the poor lads and lassies out there!
  11. Sadly it reflects on just how "valuble" our wounded are thought to be by those in power!
  12. Maybe the new "Government Funding" should be aimed more towards this area?
    Aswell as equipment for our lads over there like boots etc.

    And maybe the scrapping of a certain SA80? ;)
  13. The problem with RNR Medics is surely that the tap was turned off a couple of years ago, so too late to stop the MSA part of the branch from disappearing. It is unlikely that those who were treated with such disdain are going to be queuing up to rejoin!

    The so-called senior right hand not knowing what the left hand was about is laughable and a pretty obvious ploy to deflect criticism. Doctors should be employed to doctor - give them admin responsibility and the wheels fall off!
  14. But that flies in the face of the argument that hospitals should be run by clinicians not managers........

  15. Are these so called managers a member of BUPA or do they go on the waiting list with rest of the masses. I doubt it! I bet there family are not shoved round from one list to another!!!!
  16. Well, there are no longer Service hospitals for anyone to run, but clinician does not always mean doctor!
  17. Indeed, physios, nurses etc

    Although I meant the more generic tabloid whinge about taking hospital management away from clinicians.

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