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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Right I was at home last night playing on far cry 2 and smoking spliffs and was thinking about how we can improve the efficiency of the training and equipment of our armed forces.

    I began comparing us to the americans and came up with a few conclusions. Firstly, it takes the americans 16 weeks to train a marine. That's half as long as us. Now some people may say "well it's cos the yanks aren't as good as us blah blah blah". But i don't think that's the case. Personally I think too much time is wasted on training that isn't needed. Is there really any need to risk injury, waste time and money on things like assault courses and rope climbings. And it's not just the RM who do training that isn't necesary. The household cavalry waste money on horser riding (not needed in todays wars) the paras waste money on parachuting and P-Coy (not needed). But there really is no need for the commando tests these days either.

    I think condensing training down to what is required as a fighting infantryman/marine should be all that's done and the focus should be getting men through training as fast and possible, as cheaply as possible and with the least possible chance of injury. There's no reason we can't halve the training time and cut out things like assault courses and tarzan assault courses and just focus on what is required on thye modern battlefield.

    Not only will this save time and money but will result in less recruits leaving due to lengthy training regimes where the quality of life is terrible and boring and with old, unsafe and outdated training methods scrapped there is less chance of recruits ending up in Hunter company due to falling off a rope or summat.

    It's time we moved forward. The money saved could be spent on better equipment too. Throw away the SA 80 and the Browning pistol and lets have some AKs, G3s, M16s and Mac 10s on the battlefield so we look bad ass.
  2. Throbber
  3. Brilliant idea! Also, I was playing on Halo, the other day, and what if we had some of those cool Warthog ATV's, with the chain gun on top? I think we should make real ones of those, their awesome in the game!!

    ooooh, and somebody should look into having really cool armoured suits, cause then we wouldn't need tanks or anything, and we could forget the need to learn fire and manovure, cause we wouldn't have to take cover!!

    Yeah!! :thumbright:
  4. Have you considered joining the Army?
    You seem to have the intellect they are crying out for.
  5. Salvation Army?
  6. US Army :)
  7. Iraqi Army?
  8. My research shows that it's better to have a great many poory trained soldiers than a few well trained ones.

    History has proven this time and time again. Look at the Rusiians when they fought back the Germans. Now do you honestly think the Russians would of won the battle for Stalingrad if every soldier had to go through 32 weeks of training first. How many of those soldiers would have opted out after their initial 28 days?

    Those who have watched the film 300 too will know that no matter how nails you are you can't overcome millions of persians and in the end they will win. And also never to trust hunchbacks.
  9. Can't believe you are comparing today's soldiering with the film 300 lol

  10. You as the self syled "Man who can get everything at CTC", would make less money with shorter training.

    Nails keep them coming!!!
  11. Bored with this muppet now.
  12. Throbber............
  13. Yeah but when I get to unit that's when I really start making me money. First day in unit I'm gonna strut in and be like "right boys what ya after?"
  14. I say again. Bored!!!

  15. Someone up his medication!
  16. Hunter trp is now a company? What do they sell?

    I was playing Red Alert 3, why bother with Infantry when you can have Natasha and Tanya, calling in airstrikes and using demo packs, Tash slots three in a row with the Dragunov and Tan blats 3 close up with the dessie eagles, then they lez out before the bird from Hollyoaks comes on in a dress with the battleship rivets on display....

    As for the Russians at Stalingrad, they'd have done so much better with some food. As in "any". In 300, the poncey Jock would have done better if he'd been down the pub practicing his arras skills instead of giving Dienekes a hand shandy and reach around. Then it might have been a "wun hundred an ate-aaaaaaaaayyyy" through the lanky Persian Nails' eye...
  17. I think Nails has made some good points when was the last time you saw a 6ft wall, tunnels made from drainage pipe, Death Slides, regain ropes over a big tank of water or a 30 foot rope on the battlefield?
    What is the point in doing all these 'Commando' tests? So at the end you get a man who can get through some hard phys and not rap his hand in and be sure that his oppo can do the same, surely a 48 hour non stop session of Medal of Honor would produce a similar type of being.
    The RAF Regiment don't do Commando tests and they are surely are some of the countries best. I say we ditch the green lid and go Light Blue.
    :dwarf: :bball:
  18. You could replace "Cheerfulness through adversity" with " Don't trust hunchbacks". Well done Nails, the sooner you "join" the sooner you start getting those Herbie Lotts.


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