Lets not forget: Kingsman Wilson, KIA 2 Apr 07


War Hero
Re: Lets not forget lads are still being killed in Iraq!

I dont,t think anyone on this site would forget that for a minute.


Re: Lets not forget lads are still being killed in Iraq!

PAVEWAY_3 said:

I know we are all concerned about the safe return of 15 sailors and Royal Marines. But please remember soldiers are still being killed in Iraq.

Rest In Peace boys !
Nobody is going to forget P3.



Re: Lets not forget lads are still being killed in Iraq!

I will not forget , they are always in my thoughts , god speed , get you's home soon ,
Re: Lets not forget lads are still being killed in Iraq!

And mine, god rest their souls, the ones that have been taken.


Lantern Swinger
Re: Lets not forget lads are still being killed in Iraq!

~RIP to them, and hope the other one makes a speedy recovery,


War Hero
Kingsman Wilson, KIA 2 Apr 07

MoD Statement

Kingsman Danny John Wilson

RIP Kingsman Wilson

As stated above P3, nobody is forgetting those in harm's way nor those making the ultimate sacrifice. P3, I changed the title so it's unambiguous as a condolence thread, as I'm sure you intend it to be.


War Hero
RIP Kingsman Danny John Wilson. RIP to the unnamed soldier today. Condolances to both their families. Lest we forget.


War Hero
Just been on our local news that Kingsman Wilson had returned from Iraq & volunteered to go back for a 2nd tour.

RIP Marra


Condolences to Kingsman Wilsons family.

I was out in Basra last year and the I have nothing but the utmost respect for the young lads out there. Their professionalism and positive attitude to the job was remarkable.
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