Lets make St Georges Day a National holiday

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Nicks, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. After St Paddies Day and all the rest of national days we seem to support in this Multi Cultural Country of ours I think it is only right we get behind this one.

    Lets be proud of our Country and show them that we are proud to be English

  2. I'm sorry I don't agree having St. Georges day as a holiday. I'm not being unpatriotic, but in April we have 2 days for Easter and May we have 2 days, Mayday and Spring Bank Holiday.
    We have no holidays from the end of August until December.
    Why not have Trafalgar Day, October 21st, as a holiday!

    Or has anybody got any other ideas?
  3. if we did have one it would only be known as "rascist day" because all Englishmen are so obviously rascist, how about having a "racial stereotype and religion free period of reflection" day instead? We could probably get away with that one, and if we have it, coincidentally of course, on St Georges day, then all to the better :)

    If that doesn't work, then how about "Ethnic minority non-specific sexuality" day ? Same rules as before
  4. Are you trying to upset our adjacent European partners SB?
    Remember the Trafalgar celebrations in 2005? The powers that be wouldn't even let it be mentioned that the British Fleet had defeated the Fr**ch and Sp***sh, the re-enactment was between the "Red" and "Blue" forces. Can imagine the PC brigade having a field day if we had a public holiday celebrating the total whopping of the Frogs.

    Otherwise I totally agree with you.

  5. What about Trafalgar Square. Waterloo Station and various other places with other Napoleonic Era names.
    If our European colleagues can't take a joke they shouldn't have joined :evil:

    We are nation who are very proud and shouldn't take orders from any other nation who are inferior to us and we the British are second to no one :cool:
    Oops! I felt a I Rule The World moment then :grin:
  6. As a non-believer I would prefer Trafalgar Day. It celebrates the victory of liberty and democracy over tyranny, and IMHO that is something we should should have no qualms about publicly celebrating. St.George's Day by contrast would actually be celebrating the imposition of the then alien Middle Eastern religion of Christianity upon our native Pagan peoples - a religion that expropriated our Pagan end of year and Spring celebrations and renamed them "Christmas" and "Easter" and now complains when others do the same to them!

    The problem in a sense is that as a nation we not celebrate our freedoms, our hard won liberties (won after centuries of struggle, sacrifice and loss of life) and democracy. We should do. If the French, Spanish (and for that matter Germans) take offence, then it simply reflect the shallowness of their Pan European outlook and thus their egocentric nationalistic culture. The important thing in any Trafalgar Day celebration would be to emphasize that this was a fight for not only our independence and freedom, but also for our liberty and the continuation of government accountability (at least during every general election) to the people. In its day, the Battle of Trafalgar was as significant as Britain winning the Battle of Britain in 1940.
  7. Agree with most of the above but I've signed it anyway , :wink:
  8. You'd have loved the battle re-enactment they did up at Fort Nelson Royal Armouries. Done on the parade ground using Cox's Pippin Apples for the British ships, and onions and baguettes for the, and I quote, "filthy French and smelly Spaniard" ships. They then wheeled out two four-foot model ships to show the battle between the Victory and the Frog flagship. Which proceeded to launch crow-scarers across the parade ground at each other! Lots of smoke, flashes and loud bangs! Best battle re-enactment EVAAAR!!
  9. How about a veterns day that is a hoilday instead of just a sunday because hardly anyones at work anyway
  10. Sounds like fun Scribes. Would have loved to have seen that!

  11. I've signed it, not necessarily in the belief that St. George's Day should be a bank holiday (after all, St Patrick's and St Andrew's are normal working days), but in the hope that St George's Day should be supported by the Houses of Parliament and celebrated by the general public. If the day is actively supported by the House of Commons then town councils would also actively assist in the public celebration.

    English bunting could be hung up in public houses and across the streets; official buildings could hoist up and fly the Cross of St George, and certainly the Church of England could use the day to host a fete or some such similar activity. This would not only help to increase national pride, which is steadily dwindling, but also help to re-ignite the fires of community spirit, which has been replaced with and isolated apathy.

    In all honesty, we don't tend to talk to our neighbours much if at all. The Englishman's home is his castle, was a very well-known proverb, but once those castle's were open and welcoming, whereas now the gates are shut and the portcullis lowered.

  12. Well put "Peter" , fully agree with every word , :wink:
  13. St Patrick's Day is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland though not throughout the UK. As fair as I know, St David's and St Andrew's are bank holidays in their respective countries - how about making St George's a BH for England only? Can't see the problem really. I know we have loads of holidays pre-summer and very few after, but it's about time patriotism re-enters normal society and ceases to be considered xenophobic.
  14. For Bank Holidays, St Paddy's day is Ulster (sorry NI) only and St Andy's is about to be instated; http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/business/bills/41-stAndrew/41-stAndrew-progress.pdf for Jockistan. That will leave Dai and George holidayless. So long as they both get a day granted, I'm all for it.

    I agree entirely with all who have said that it would be an opportunity to demonstrate and engender some National pride and cohesion. If we don't acquire some soon, I fear we will sink in the great sea of diverse ethnicity.
  15. In reality as I understand it up here the St Andrews day is a non holiday holiday, no extra days added to annual leave, and not an official holiday, so yes you can take it but using a day from your existing holiday allowance, so we don't get all the freebies up here after all.

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