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Lets invade arrse


Just been on arrse and I'm sick of the attitude on there. They are constantly slaging off the navy and saying rumration is full of bell ends. I tried to stick up for rumration but was shot down and abused by the mods and members. They basically go on and on about how the navy is crap and it's got to the point where I don't wanna stand for it. Do you?

I say we invade en masse and troll them with loads of troll threads. Who is with me?


War Hero
Nails said:
That's another nails. I don't even go on arrse.

Reads like your posting style though.
If you don't go on Arse how come your post suggests that you do?


Look are you scared of them army boys or what? No worries if you are. Maybe they were right?


Excuse me gents, could you please come collect your idiot from arrse? He is waffling on about mac 10s at the moment.


Lantern Swinger
I've gotta say the lad/lads/whoever behind this nails character is such a dreg, I mean, who would waste their time sifting through TWO internet forums meant for serving, ex-serving, and potential military personnel. Fair enough if you get the odd idiot come along to stir some trouble, but someone who returns regularly just to get a bit of a kick must have absolutely zero life whatsoever.
He is not our idiot he is anybodies idiot, finders keepers and you found him. We left him tied to a stake at the low water mark in Morecombe Bay 4 days ago obviously some Dick from over you place has gone and saved him.

Please, in the name of God, The Prophet, and all things sensible PUT HIM BACK.



Nutty said:
He is not our idiot he is anybodies idiot, finders keepers and you found him. We left him tied to a stake at the low water mark in Morecombe Bay 4 days ago obviously some Dick from over you place has gone and saved him.

Please, in the name of God, The Prophet, and all things sensible PUT HIM BACK.

What's happened to " Norman" ?
Hello all,

This is the mother of the individual who has created this account. His real name is Steven and he is 17 years old. After looking at his computer today I was appalled at the content on here that he has posted. Therefore, I am writing this as a formal apology to all those in the armed forces who have been offended by my son's actions on this website.

He is young and very immature and I hope you can accept my apology on his behalf. He is now banned from using our internet and has had a strong talking to concerning his misuse of the home computer. He has no affiliation to any of the armed forces as they would not let him join due to his asthma. I am trying to make a man out of my son and get him to find a job, but he seems to be wasting his days online. I ensure that this will now stop and I thank you for your time and patience.

Sincere apologies,


Yawn. Throw him over the side and let him swim home.

Does it really matter who Nails is? At least he livens things up a little, and let`s be honest here, sometimes this place needs it.
Someone joins the site, spouts what some see as crap, and they immediately start a vendetta against them. FFS we really are grown up on here eh ?.

We have a gift to ignore things as we wish, and before some smart arse says `I`ll ignore this post` Up Yours.


War Hero
Kinell Higs, you turned over a new leaf?
Normally you are one of the first to rip the gizzards out of planks like Nails :p
I don`t think so, even Normans posts deserve an answer instead of immediate abuse, ban him, get him off sort of thing. I haven`t changed a bit, unless you can prove otherwise, and we are not talking newbies.


War Hero
Higs I've never been one for banning people. I prefer to just ignore pillocks. However I am frequently tempted to take the piss out of them. :p


War Hero
ARRSE needs twats too, they get enough of them from the USA for some reason, so a UK rep or two is only to be expected.
I shouldn't think he'll last as long as he did here though.
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