Let's go down under!

Discussion in 'International' started by Jenny_Dabber, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Thought I'd share with you a few piccies I took in Australia last year, whilst visiting family. Some are Sydney and the majority are around and about Adelaide.

    Photo Album
  2. Some great photos there, thanks for sharing.
  3. My pleasure..............I love photography!
  4. Brings back fond memories of Sydney and the Great Ocean Road is spectacular! Great photos :thumright:
  5. JD nice piccies of the countryside. How did you insert the link?
  6. You go to www.myphotoalbum.com ( my photo album ) and open and account, once you make your album, you'll get a link you can personalize.

    Copy the link, then when making a post, you need to go to the tool bar on the post window and select the picture that looks like a ball with wings. You then insert the link from the photo album, or which ever link you wish to.
  7. Thanks JD I hope to publish some photos on this site shortly that should be of interest to the sun dodgers.
  8. Excellent photies JD. Especially the one of the Three Sisters. I grew up not far from there. :thumright:
  9. JD, gorgeous phots.. But the next time you go on holiday, try New Zealand - far prettier than Oz ;)
  10. Ohh I would love to go to NZ but this trip was to see family, unfortunately my grandpa's fav cousin (spitting image of sean connery) sadly passed away about 2 weeks before we were due out.

    I am hoping to move over there one day in the following 5 yrs, hoping it will be easy as we have too many family members living there since the 1950's.

    It was amzing though, we met my mum's cousins, my 2nd cousins or something. My brotehr stood next to the boys his or my age and they all look like each other, it was the first time we had all met!

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