Let's beat the last Save the Royal Navy petition's record...


Dear Board members,

Given yet more news of cuts to the RN and stories of reductions in capability, I think it about time that a coherent and well supported petition is presented to the PM and, given the importance of this issue to the UK’s long term security, one that amounts to more than just several thousand signatures. I am aware that a petition earlier this year by Sarah Felmingham to stop cuts to the Navy amounted to some 14,383 signatures. Whilst still an achievement, interestingly however, the current petition to allow the Red Arrows to put on a display at the 2012 Olympics has already accumulated over 150,000 names!! I would argue that the latter is not of as crucial importance to the country as a balanced, non-shrinking naval force. Therefore, I would kindly ask for your support by adding your name to the petition - my aim is to surpass Sarah's acheivement and match the sucess of the Red Arrows petition at the very least. Please also give this petition as wide a distribution as possible in order to generate the broad support and political interest that this matter deserves. Many thanks.

Yours aye.


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Re: Let's beat the last Save the Royal Navy petition's recor

Hehe ... cheers :thumright: Hope springs eternal ... but apart from getting such much needed recognition for the RN and its importance, it just really grips my £$%& that the Red Arrows can elicit such a successful petition!


Lantern Swinger
Re: Let's beat the last Save the Royal Navy petition's recor

Done and Mrs Harry1 who is an ex-WRN.



A complete and utter waste of time even though the sentiment is laudable.

There are too many petitions and has any ever been acted on? NO and they never will.


I am just as cynical as NotMeChief - the fact that we all think the PM will act on these petitions shows an amazing amount of gullibility and naivity. Does anyone actually think that Gordon Brown or anyone in his Cabinet give two shits about the Royal Navy or the Armed Forces in general? For God's sake, the only photocall he's done with the Forces was when he was toying with the idea of an election so he flew out to see the guys in case it netted him a couple of votes. Very few of us (in the Forces) ever have or will vote Labour, so what's the point in trying to keep us happy? He could double our salary and give us more gear, and we still wouldn't vote for him, so why should he bother?

The danger is that the petition will be so undersubscribed as to actually damage the cause of the Navy.
Re: Let's beat the last Save the Royal Navy petition's recor

Signed, its all we can do to try and help apart from strike and we are bound by law not to.


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Re: Let's beat the last Save the Royal Navy petition's recor

Petition now closed:-

The Great and Good Government says:

The Government has no plans to reduce the size of the Royal Navy, to withdraw warships from operational service earlier than scheduled, or to place warships in 'mothballs'.

Far from making cuts, the Government is investing heavily in the construction of new warships for the Royal Navy. We are introducing the new and highly capable Type 45 Destroyers, the first two of which have already been launched. We are building the advanced and powerful Astute class nuclear attack submarines, of which three are now on order. Above all, we are buying two new aircraft carriers which will be the largest ships ever built for the Royal Navy and which will provide the UK with the most powerful carrier force outside the USA. The Navy has also recently taken delivery of new amphibious assault and support ships which are vastly more capable than the ships they replaced.

It is wrong to imply that the costs of operations in Iraq and elsewhere are being met at the expense of the Navy. The additional costs of these operations do not fall to the defence budget, but are met from the Treasury reserve.

Only one Royal Navy ship, HMS Invincible, is being held in a state of readiness from which it would require up to eighteen months to return to operational service. She is being held in this state of readiness prior to her final withdrawal from service, as scheduled, in 2010, by which time she will be over 30 years old. The Navy has no plans to place any other ships in such a state of readiness.

BNM remark

No Navy Days in Plymouth this year.....but there's a "Meet the Ship-Keeper
from HMSML GLEANER" Day, coming up in Portsmouth I believe.

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