Let the Good Time Roll (and Pitch!) - Songs at Sea !!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Hermes_R12, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. I thought I would brighten up a very dull grey Thursday by recanting the better times in music whilst at sea

    Remember on Deployment there was always your favourite record / CD / MP3 in the charts. Whenever you hear it today it takes you right back to the mess,or minging nightclub or pub that you happened to stumble on.

    Here are 3 of my favourites from the good old days. Always blasting out in the Galley or someone would be singing or whistling it, or just changing the words.

    Drink till your tummies round:-


    There's a Guy works down the chip shop swears he Elvis...


    and one of my personal favourites to end with.


    So what did you listen to ?

    Let the good times roll. 8)
  2. Not music related, but brings back memories of a particular time.

    Never liked "The Young Ones" (Rick Mail etc). Joined the Cleopatra only to find that it was on constantly in the messdeck. Somehow it grew on me (eventually) and it always brings back memories of a very good and happy time onboard.
  3. "On Echo Beach" not sure who by, Martha and something I think. In wireless shack in them days we used to have great big tape deck thingy (something to do with logging incoming) - but we used it to play tape on loopback and this track went on and on. Was ok with it for first few weeks but towards end of patrol it really got on my tit - so much so that I switched it off, my oppo switched it back on (2 on watch all time) I was the LRO he was the RO1 - so on/off, on/off for a couple of time - next thing we know we having a full blown punch up in the office, bouncing off the equipment etc. A bloody nose, cut lip later - calmed down, realised we were being tossers and gave each other a hug. To this day, Echo Beach always takes me back to that moment. Happy Days.
  4. Martha and the Muffins:

  5. Soleil, thanks for that link.

    Like going back in time.
  6. Neil Diamond's body of work were the 'coming into homeport' tunes for the Super B guys
  7. In the mid 60s the Skipper of the Yarmouth,Derry Squadron always had played over the ship's Tannoy The Clancy Brothers singing "The Holy Ground" as we set off down the Foyle
    Good memories of happier times in NI before the troubles.
  8. Every J R mess should have a copy of Bat Out Of Hell
  9. Beira patrol 67http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnzHtm1jhL4 :lol:

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