Let parents buy bargain uniforms, schools told

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. My mum and dad always had to take me to Moss Bros for my school uniform, and to Riverside Sports for the rugby kit too. Now i'm a parent, I can see what a total rip off that was for them. About time we, as parents, were allowed to "shop around" for perfectly good alternatives :)
  2. This is a very old chestnot, it was a problem when I was at school and that wasn't yesterday. Even so just as thereis good reason for schools not to specify peculiar retailers for unifrm there is equally a need for those who purport to sell 'school uniform' items to supply standard colours. The parents could choose to buy from Asda, Tesco or Harrods and know the colour would be right, and equally schools would be happy because all the children would look the same where ever mum and dad bought the clothes.
  3. Problem is Maxi (though I think the idea is great) some of the schools would object as they see their uniform style and colour as being indicative of the schools status.
    However all of us who have travelled should have noticed that most countries have a fairly standard school uniform. Hong Kong and Japan many female students wear a tartan skirt (wonder why) Thailand it seems to be white shirt and grey trousers/skirt. China was similar with a reed neckerchief to show that you are a Young Pioneer.
    Lets get a standard set here sooner rather than later.
  4. Not so good bearing in mind your post on language.
  5. Thanks for picking up my typo Maxi, as i have never been taught typing like many I sometimes hit a wrong key occassionally. Now would you like to repeat the check on your posting where you may discover three similar errors. :thanks:
  6. Ah but am I supporting the cause of perfection?

    Edited to add, and does a good workman blame his tools?
  7. Maxi
    I do not and cannot support perfection.
    However I do get annoyed when the wonderful English language is abused. My English is not perfect far from it, however I do know the difference between there and their and similar common mistakes such as "I will except cash" instead of "I will accept cash". These are mistakes which in my day and your day would have been (should that be bean) dealt with and learnt before starting secondary school.
  8. Does a good workman blame his tools, are the British forces not complaining about their tools at present.
    For every old proverb there is of course a contradictory one.
  9. They are also classic spellchecker errors, and perhaps it is not so much not knowing the correct answer but not using their tools properly. I knew the correct versions of the above when I left primary but I am sure I still turned the odd error out in hurried essays etc, and that was without a word processor to help me. Over the years I have learnt that one needs to carefully check the options ones spellchecker offers even when you have selected the correct version of English.
  10. I totaly agree. when my girl started secondary school.. i had to buy clothes fron a certain shop.............. we where even given the codes of the type of clothes.....even had to buy a certain type of sports wear......
    in the end her school uniform cost nearly £300.........
    at the same time I bought new uniform for my boy who is stil at primary,his uniform cost me £27... thats a huge difference.

    am hoping she desides she has grown enough.....lol
  11. Wait until the wedding drees costs, best you tell her now just how romantic eloping can be :thumright:
  12. nooooooooooooo you had to go say that ..... :eek:mfg: :eek:mfg: :eek:mfg: :eek:mfg: :eek:mfg:
  13. From one who makes more than the occasionally typo and spelling error, I can sympathise, however, I spotted 4 not the 3 slim quoted

    Sorry maxi, just could not resist (quiet day in the office)

  14. It's quite alright, I neither claim to be good at spelling or typing so point out as much as you like, I only had a go a Slim because he was moaning about todays yoof yet made exactly the same kind of mistake himself.

  15. Waiting to catch Golden Rivet out, as she has picked me up on occasion in the chat room, I know she has made errors in posts before, as she has admitted the fact.
  16. I don't use chat rooms as they require an almost instant response, with my lack of keyboard skills I would be permanently in the sh!t
  17. When I became a Prefect (Prefects are Defects was the popular slogan at the time :) ) I bought my wing collars (in the days when they really were stiff... an shiny too) and bow tie from Moss Bros ex-hire.

    Mostly school uniform could be bought in Oxfam or else you paid the premium (as my parents had to: my school opted for an unconventional uniform the first year then changed it the following year to mark becoming a comprehensive from a Sec.Mod. :( ). After I left school I bought my work clothes from Oxfam too :) Some good stuff there, even if it made my parents cringe with horror :lol:
  18. Nothing wrong with Oxfam except they are becoming a tad expensive these days.
  19. When I was at school, all Male/mixed schools went to the same shop so they stocked white shits/blouses, black trousers/skirts and black pullovers..... alas my school had a different colour scheme (Choc brown and orange :puker: ) so when ever there was an 'incident' between schools we got a rather severe shouting at where as the other schools got away with it as they all looked the same (and I was at a comprehensive).....

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