Lest we forget

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by G_Rivet, Mar 7, 2007.

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    When Britain seeks to carve its name

    On history’s blood stained roll

    It can point with pride to its submarine

    Dear God, you took your toll

    It was said they were "damned un-English"

    A weapon to be abhorred

    But in a world where you fight for your freedom

    It’s a view that you just can’t afford

    So, in trying to balance life’s budget

    When we sit down and add up the cost

    High up on the list is the price we have paid

    For here are the "Boats" we have lost

    The first on the roll was the Oxley

    The Seahorse, Undine and Starfish

    Thistle, Tarpon and Sterlet

    The Unity and Seal was God’s wish

    One after the other went Odin

    The Grampus, Orpheus and Shark

    The Salmon, the Phoenix and then came the Thames

    No wonder the future looked dark

    The Narwhal, the Oswald, and Spearfish

    And little H46, too

    The Rainbow, the Triad and Swordfish

    Our country was paying its due

    Regulus, Triton, Snapper and Usk

    Undaunted, Umpire, as well

    Union, Cachalot, P33

    All sailing their own road to hell

    We lost P32 and the Tetrarch

    The Perseus and H31

    The Triumph, the Tempest and P38

    And sadly the list goes on

    There was P39 and P 36

    Pandora and Upholder, too

    Urge, Olympus and P514

    Thorn and Talisman, long overdue

    Unique, Unbeaten and Utmost

    Then the turn of P222

    Traveller, P48 and P311

    Lord, is this what you want us to do?

    The come Vandal, Tigris and Thunderbolt

    Turbulent,Regent, as well

    With P615, Splendid and Sahib

    All bowing to fates’ awesome knell

    The Untamed, the Parthian and Saracen

    The ‘X’ crafts 9, 8 and 5

    Followed by 6, then 7, then 10

    Yes, Lord, they’ve done their last dive.

    Usurper, then Trooper, the next was Simoon

    X22 was also lost

    And the ex-German Graph, then made her last dive

    We earned freedom at a terrible cost

    Stonehenge, Syrtis and Sickle

    Oh, God just how many more?

    The Stratagem went to her resting place

    On that far distance hostile shore

    And so, we near the end of the roll

    Out White Ensign proud, at half mast

    Right to the end our Submarines paid

    For Porpoise was the last

    Each year we gather at "Blockhouse"

    And ask that our memories be blessed

    For we stand proud and tall as "Old Comrades"

    With these "Dolphins" pinned on our chests

    So, we who survived, now pray to our God

    "Let our boys grow up to be men

    If we paid the price, unflinchingly

    Lord, don’t ask them to pay it again"
  2. Well done G. R. My first boat was the Porpoise we carried the Jolly Roger of the first Porpoise with pride. I did not know she was the last boat to be lost during the war, supplying Malta.
  3. Written by George Luck DSM (member of Mersyeyside SA)and the late Gilley Snape.

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