Leslie Sayer

RIP 1915 - 2008

Petty Officer Leslie Sayer MBE, DSM (Telegraphist Air Gunner) joined the Navy as Signal Boy in 1931. From 1933 – 1935 he saw service on HMS Exeter (Home Fleet) and HMS Cape Town – two years on China Station. In 1937 Les transferred to the Fleet Air Arm as Telegraphist Air Gunner (TAG) and after training he served in 811 Swordfish Squadron on HMS Furious. In 941 he joined 825 Squadron on HMS Victorious flying Swordfish, and with Lt. Gick attacked the Bismarck - obtaining a hit, for which Les was awarded the DSM. Later in 1941 he joined HMS Ark Royal on Mediterranean Convoys before she was sunk.
825 Squadron was reformed in 1942 to carry our mine-laying duties in channel ports and to escort HMS Avenger to Russian Convoy PQ18. In 1944 Les commissioned the new light fleet carrier HMS Glory in Belfast as the ships Chief TAG, before sailing to join the Pacific Fleet. He retired from the navy in 1945 to join British European Airways as a Flight Radio Officer. In 1946 he helped to form the Telegraphist Air Gunners Association, whereupon he was elected Chairman, later to become President and subsequently awarded an MBE.
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